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Miss Universe is an annual international beauty pageant that is run by the Miss Universe Organization.Along with Miss World and Miss Earth, Miss Universe is one of the most important and publicized beauty pageants in the world together with Miss International, the group is known as Big Four international beauty pageants. It is held in more than 190 countries worldwide and seen by more than half a billion people annually

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  1. Miss colombia a big looser, hahahhahaha

  2. but Philippines,my country will inspired us..
    some half half women proud to represent the Philippines..yesssss

  3. i fell in love with Miss universe USA

  4. Don't hide your subscribers

  5. Colombia??THAT GIRL? Second? She have the worse attitude (search on youtube) What she have done… like seriously??

  6. Can't choose between Venezuela and Puerto Rico

  7. USA, Colombia, and Australia sacrificed their country and reputation. What a pity. They were bullying the non-english contestants and this is what happened:

    Colombia was the girl stabbed in the back. ( She didnt belong to the top 20 )

    Australia was the girl that kind of got off the issue ( She got in top 20 but not top 10 )

    USA was the girl also… stabbed in the back ( She was like Australia )

    If you all notice… the 3 of them were scared. Especially the two. Miss USA and Australia thought they escaped/ found a way to get through the issue but even worse, they sacrificed their reputation and country.

    Sorry for some broken english

  8. Can somebody tell me the title of the song behind Miss South Africa? Thank you in advance. 🙂

  9. Omg guys I’m getting crowned come and meet me

  10. Yes, Catriona from Philippines had good answers, owns a big bright smile and is indeed beautiful, so I am okay with her being the winner. But my all-time favourite will be Tammy from South-Africa. What an astonishing smile and a stunning beauty she has. This girl would even make my head turn if she just woke up after a too late party with too much alcohol and drugs.

  11. Catriona wins deservedly so!

  12. they didn't know what hit them! gen.mcarthur once said and I quote…GIVE ME 10,000 FILIPINOS AND I WILL CONQUER THE WORLD. and now Filipino conquer the universe not just the world by using the magical BAYANIHAN ONLINE VOTING for Catriona haha

  13. who know's the title of the song played when south africa was showing on screen?

  14. Can someone tell me the title of the background song rendered to Miss South Africa. It is very soothing and relaxing to my ears. Moreover, the song fits to her. Your reply is really appreciated. Thank you. 😊

  15. Beauty Pageant judges do not only cncentrate on judging a beautiful face, figure and height. They measure what's inside the brain of the contestants, attitude, character.American & European ladies look like dollies but Miss Philippines happens to have a lot of intelligence, wit and wisdom … that's why she won. The last question asked….only Miss Philippines answered with a SUBSTANCE. What can you say Miss Columbia. Miss Universe Pageant should STOP USING INTERPRETERS. Contestants should know how to speak English.

  16. Miss Ecuador has a "manly" face…

  17. What's the title of the song?anyone.

  18. model pla sya kaya magaling mgdala ng damit

  19. 2018 Miss UNIVERSE from the PHILIPPINES is VERY FRIENDLY with contestants. NOBODY can nor wish to BEAT her and the events turn to great event of a lifetime. Catrina turned and ADDED GRAY with STUNNING RED, sign of MERRY CHRISTMAS to ALL. 😆😆😆.

  20. aminin naten malakas si south africa buti na lang pumalya sya don sa top 3 question and answer, hohoho

  21. hi guys can i ask the title of the first song?thank you so much☺

  22. catriona gray is miss universe 2018 she deserve it for beauty and brain for those hater out there keep ur mouth shut up.
    I know she would bring the crown after 2 years.
    1.south africa

  23. Philippines won today Sunday 16th of december


  25. Philippines….go catriona..

  26. . why do i feel the nervousness of USA when she walks.. I mean.. liok at S. Africa… confidence all over the corner. 😱

  27. wow philippines…number one

  28. Ms Philippines 🇵🇭 is ms universe 2018😎

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