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Muse – Hysteria [Official Music Video]

Watch the music video for “Hysteria” now!

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Comments (31)

  1. R.I.P me, I'm a bass player, urgh…

  2. Like the song, didn't care for the music video.

  3. This song will never lose its power!

  4. Cant sleep so i came here

  5. My cat listened to this he didn't care

  6. 2019 anyone? 🤙🏼🤙🏼

  7. impossible to listen to this song quietly. most definitely my favorite song of Muse

  8. This is Muse at their best – absolute fuckin' masterpiece.

  9. can someone explain the video please??

  10. Symbolism in the early 2000s

  11. His thing was bigger anyways. Y dafuk he mad? I’m big and I’m at peace. Wait it was acting. Damnit. Stupid me. It was but wasn’t. Acting.

  12. That guy in the vid is a beast

  13. If that guy were me I’d use exercise to help me chill out. I’d actually be REALLY happy if I were that ripped

  14. I listen this & turn Into a hot devil.!!!!!!!!

  15. One of the best intro into any song I've heard such talent from all the members Such epic English talent

  16. Why theres no Iconic Riffs anymore Damn

  17. Where's the man of the lyrics of this song in comments?

  18. my lizard listened to this and turned into a dragon.

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