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Muse – Starlight [Official Music Video]

Watch the music video for “Starlight” now!

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  1. This song has 13 years?????????? 😨

  2. this song had been in my mind for weeks. the chorus melody i even dreamed with it, and I must say (no offense muse fans) but i had never heard it. then, somehow browsing in YT it came. I am happy, it will finally let me go.

  3. Februari 2018, still 😍😊

  4. Why all the dislikes some poeple have autism i swear

  5. My college friend introduced me to muse 13 years ago. He said that the song helped him overcome his depression. So nostalgic… Starlight always be one of my fav song 💜

  6. When it came out I was 15 and thought it was dumb. Now im 27 and its describing my entire life <333 can someone tell me whats going on?

  7. Que buena canción mrbean :'v

  8. Hi Muse! You are a starlight. Still watching in 2019…

  9. Like por escucharla en el 2019! 💪🏻😎👊🏻

  10. Aku Terperangkap Di Antara Dua Hati

  11. kalo denger lagu ini lupa umur, berasa semangat muda terus.!! 😀

  12. I love the piano refrain so much!!!

  13. this is where I still have band 😀 2016

  14. Amazing Muse the best 😃👍

  15. My life you electrify MY LIFEEE ..

  16. I’m 11 yr kid and I listen this

  17. Astro Bot brought me here.

  18. Cannot believe i'll see them in July! Can't wait 😃

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