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Muse – Uprising [Official Video]

Watch the music video for “Uprising” now!

“Uprising” was released as the lead single from Muse’s fifth studio album, The Resistance, on September 7, 2009.

The video won “Best Special Effects” in the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

Get Muse’s album THE RESISTANCE here:

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  1. Alguien de latinoamerica? :u

  2. All I did was search Muse and it came up, wasn’t that hard XD

  3. perfect tune for the times

  4. 2009? i would think this music is written in 2029

  5. When i was3-5 years old i heard this song and had it in my head from there

  6. Thank you Pitch Perfect for making me recognize this music when my friend played this song

  7. inhale
    – Matt Bellamy

  8. the internet when article 13 becomes a thing

  9. man, i''ve never seen this episode of doctor who

  10. Hello I am from the future ((2019)) and right now for me it is 12:00 AM and at 7:00 PM I went to your concert and you guys are the best just saying ;)))))

  11. Did anyone else for some reason always think this song was abt vampires when they were little

  12. When I was like four or five, I found this song and I used to call it the bear song. Haha

  13. as a hairy turkish man: i can say i hated rock before i heard muse, after this song il love this art of music want live and die for it baby

  14. how many years have passed, but heart is still with this masterpiece

  15. This music video scared me as a small boi

  16. MUSE   S U C K S   PERIOD

  17. all these people commenting about how hard it was for them to find this song and i know this song since day 1 as every other muse fan….
    i feel so old now :c

  18. I think this song has more meaning the last 3 days then ever before. Socialism is destroying the American people

  19. Article 13 was just passed. Time for a revolution.

  20. Perfect song for a real Uprising! Love it!😍😍💕💕

  21. Je les adore ♥ c'est ma chanson préférée 😍❤️😘💋

  22. I loved this music video when I was a kid.

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