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Music and activism unite at Global Citizen Festival in Central Park

Music and activism unite at the 7th annual Global Citizen Festival in Central Park.

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  1. Help each other how? In doing what?

  2. So let me get this straight, this generation will be working with one another to put an end to world hunger? By 2030? Last time I checked, Jesus said the poor we will always have👈🏾 Matthew 26:11 & Mark 14:7

  3. millennial scum. i am ashamed to be part of this generation. liberalism is a disease.

  4. How about Animals these so called people are so freaking intelligent yeah this is some what a good idea but when the fuck will people in general wake up and realize Animals are the real voiceless victims. seriously its all ways about people but not about what helps makes this planet peoples lives enjoyable is Animals the unconditional love and more they give to us when will people realize this.

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