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New Best RnB Urban & Hip Hop January Music Mix 2019 Top Hits 2019 Club Party Charts – RnB Motion

Best Of R&B Urban & Hip Hop January Songs Mix 2019 Top Black Hits 2019 Club Party Charts
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Comments (12)

  1. the second song is Gotta Have Ya by Kalle Engstrom

  2. Bro you change the genre of the music of these mixes so much : It used to be trap rnb, and now it's more like hipster progressive house pop…

  3. It was good music with hits in the beginning but you loose that in the middle and also in the end

  4. 💪🏼 i need the artist and name of the second song please

  5. probably. people are talking about track list. LOL

  6. Why is it so hard to find a channel that posts the tracklist for their playlist?

  7. Division hearts, turning in to the club. Emotions running higher. Through back the rain. Moving forward in to the light.

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