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New Color, Extensions! & Fall 2018 Hair Trends | Dominique Sachse

Cut, Color, Extensions, Up-Do: A must-see hair video, as exciting as Fall itself! Come with me to Cerón Hair Studio, and I’ll show you 4 of the latest Fall 2018 hair trends on 4 different women, while I get a mini makeover.

Lipstick worn: Revlon #630 Raisin Rage

Ceron Hair Studio – Pricing upon request

Cerón Studio Stylist / Client List:
Style and Color trends

1. Auburn Hair Color with tape in extensions
Stylist: Cerón
Client: Dominique

2. Short pixie haircut with warm brown tones
Stylist: Loris Fuis
Model: Rhonda

3. At home updo with black hair
Stylist: Sarah Al-Adwani
Model: Elizabeth

4. Icy blonde extensions
Stylist: Christine Caballero
Model: Alyssa

5. Full blonde highlights and Lob
Stylist: Cerón
Model: Angela

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Comments (38)

  1. I wanted to answer some questions that have come my way about the fall hair trends video. First, many of you are asking what color line Ceron is using. It's Wella. His products are Kerastase, and he even uses the Wow! Dreamcoat for blowouts 🙂 My lipstick color is Revlon #630 Raisin Rage. Thanks, as always, for your comments and feedback. Have a blessed day!

  2. Headed to Ceron tomorrow…my daughter wants her hair colored for her birthday….pray they do good work. Thanks Dominique!!!

  3. Do you still recommend the WOW dream spray that you demoed back in September?

  4. That pixie cut is fabulous!

  5. Did she have a face lift?

  6. Hi Dominique. Have you had to do any maintenance to your hair color since you last colored to help with the fading and the vibrancy? Thank you!

  7. Beautiful! Can you do a video about hair loss? Thank you.

  8. You look great! That was a fun quick tour on hair trends! Awesome! Hope you have wonderful times with your family!

  9. Thank you Dominique for the opportunity to hear from these busy professionals/artists who took time out of their day to show us a small snippet (pun intended! :-)) of their work and talk us through the thought process behind it, with a nice dash of humour thrown in 🙂 – it is always a privilege to have the opportunity to hear from people at the top of their craft and I really appreciated the insight, (not to mention that you look fabulous as always!)

  10. Please tell me the name of your hair salon my son lives in Kingwood and I will be visiting him from southwest florida thank you

  11. I love this video and your other video with extensions. I’m wondering the cost for these installations that is the thing that I think keeps the “average person” envious and wanting to do this but knowing it is not affordable for the everyday person.

  12. Really Great Video, thanks to you all!

  13. Dominique thank you for sharing and doing this video. Your hair and color always look amazing! I have tried many salons in The Woodlands area and they can’t get my color right. I will definitely give Ceron a try! Thank you for all you do and keeping your viewers on point with the latest trends and tips!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  14. Whoa…you're hair looks stunning. That color is positively gorgeous! Thanks for this video – both entertaining and educational. I wish I could find a salon here in Naples FL!!

  15. I loved this video. I’ve always wanted to have my hair done at a place like this where they are hair artists!

  16. I have two questions that I have asked over and over again. Your hair looks fantastic, shiny and bouncy. What vitamins do you take or supplements? I know you need to be healthy in the inside before it shows on the outside. Also what kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use. Please Please answer these questions. I know you may be hesitate about supplements because they are more personal. Certainly you may not want everyone to copy your regime but a few highlights may be okay.

  17. Love the new hair style you got now. May I ask you what microphone and camera do you use to record your videos? Thank you in advance.

  18. Hi, I have never had extensions so it was nice to see the process. Wow…very nice Dominique. Lovely. Robin xoxo

  19. As always you look lovely

  20. It's always been a wish to have a stylist like Ceron transform my look. His staff seems amazing. Thanks for showing the cuts, colors, etc.

  21. Omg! Dominique, your extensions before they cut look so good! You look great with long hair!!

  22. Extensions are pretty. But u did not need them. Be happy with who u are. Why change every month? Be you!


  24. you are so beautiful….love your videos

  25. Dominique, you are the cool aunt in my life!! Love watching all your videos every Thursday 🥳🥳🥰💕💕

  26. Great video as usual Dominique! Thank you! Your hair is gorgeous – whether you wear it straight or with voluminous waves! I loved seeing the fall trends in hair. Great idea for us all! Love you for your many talents and wonderful sense of humor and optimism and of course – for ALWAYS keeping it classy!!!
    Karen from Alabama

  27. Wow i love it 😍😘👍👏❤️

  28. Love that short pixie look I am having my hair styled tomorrow. Hopefully I will look as amazing as this look

  29. Красотка👍❤️

  30. I'm going off the path of this video but for a lack of a better place to put this, I'm posting here. Holidays coming and cold winter weather. I'm struggling with "semi-formal", and what decision I should make. Not sure of longer length or if it should be above the knee and the best style for company semi-formal event. Can you go over what is trendy now in that category? Thank you and loved this video! Blessings

  31. super cool! Your hair is beautiful and I really liked the pixie cut on the 2nd example.Very cute!

  32. Loved this Dominique, thank you. The shorter hair style was GORGEOUS. Love your channel xxxx

  33. Hello Dominique, hope you are well.Thanks for your fantastic videos and all your efforts.
    Could you please review Coco and eve,like a virgin,hair mask?
    I do trust your reviews 100%.
    I bought Wow dream coat after your review and I was really happy with it.
    Thanks a million

  34. I watch and subscribe to this channel BECAUSE of the unique blend which Dominique provides. The girlfriend chats and tutorials, the glimpses into her wardrobe choices, diet, vacation adventures, etc.; all with her heart exposed and a genuine transparency. The fact that there's a polish to her approach makes Dominique refreshing and exciting, and definitely a class act!

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