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*NEW & EXCLUSIVE* Kirko Bangz Performance @ Bar Retro for the New Houston Concert w/ Marcus Manchild

Kirko Bangz performing live at Bar Retro in Houston, Texas for the New Houston Concert and Moscato Mondays. Special Guest: Marcus Manchild.

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  1. Lol @ these ratchets in this video.

  2. bitch get off my man! !!! kirko bangz is my husband baby girl not yours 🙂

  3. …that crowd is dead -.-' i would've been makin sum mu'fukin noise even if i aint from h-town lol he a beast!

  4. aint he? sheesshhhhh….

  5. S M F H! Fuck My life for not being there!!! haha…Damnmnnn that nigga is just TOO Motherfucking fine!!

  6. @pdona401~Goodlooking my niqq i owe you one!!!MERRY X`MA$ NIQQQA!!!!!!

  7. @MrAlfonzowilson All The Way by Connect City is the name, produced by the same dude who shot the video

  8. *that beat @the beginning and the end of this video is BANGGING!!!!WHERE THAT @?!?!?!

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