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New Order – The Perfect Kiss (Official Music Video)

The Official Video for ‘The Perfect Kiss’ by New Order.

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“The Perfect Kiss” is a song by the English alternative dance and rock band New Order. It was recorded at Britannia Row Studios in London and released on 13 May 1985.


I stood there beside myself
Thinking hard about the weather
Then came by a friend of mine
Suggested we go out together
Then I knew it from the start
This friend of mine would fall apart
Pretending not to see his gun
I said let’s go out and have some fun
I know you know
We believe in a land of love
I know you know
We believe in a land of love
I have always thought about
Staying here and going out
Tonight I should have stayed at home
Playing with my pleasure zone
He has always been so strange
I’d often thought he was deranged
Pretending not to see his gun
I said let’s go out and have some fun
I know you know
We believe in a land of love
I know you know
We believe in a land of love
When you are alone at night
You search yourself for all the things
That you believe are right
If you give it all away
You throw away your only chance to be here today
Then a fight breaks out on your street
You lose another broken heart in a land of meat
My friend, he took his final breath
Now I know the perfect kiss is the kiss of death

Comments (35)

  1. Again is anyone listening to the the rhythm and Peter looking …really…THE LOOK… HEY caught UP…

  2. What an incredible fantastic song! I love New Order! Of all their songs, I think this is their best one, and of all the versions of this song, this is the best version!

  3. The song itself was clearly recorded live in one take – anyone know of the video is spliced together? There is a distinct lack of cameras by the kit, or are they cleverly hidden by camera angles?

  4. peter hoock oh cara eu# ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~y~

  5. That look at 0:24 when Bernards upturned eyebrows suggest either "I'm surprised that equipment worked", or "that's not what I was expecting".. 😀

  6. new order waren, sind und werden immer mehr sein als "Blue Monday" ………..

  7. Gillian is the future in this video from the 80s. Peter Hook acts as if he wants to play with Led Zep. But it's Gillian's fiddling with knobs on the sequencers and synths that won the day, and make virtually all the pop music we hear now. It's all digitized and synthesized. All of it. I hd such an early fascination with electronic music at a young age, 11 in 1980. "Cars" by Gary Numan fascinated me, as did Donna Summer with Giorgio Moroder. Also the theme music of "Blade Runner" by Vangelis in 1982. It sounded like the future. And the future came.
    Now I want to go listen to Led Zep. What was once unique and tech and cool is so common now.

  8. What an amazing 10 minutes

  9. This has always been one of my favorite music videos.

  10. The soundtrack to my teens, never had Substance 1987 off. I had the double tape, unreal album.

  11. mario brothers music was inspired by this video

  12. they all look great here

  13. New Order
    To me yes they are the fabulous british band
    I love the way their sounds n vocal
    I miss the 80's

  14. Nobody has more fun than the lead bass player 👌

  15. Anyone else think that at 7:45 when it pans back to have Pete shredding away on the bass – that we're meant to be reminded of Ian C in the background? Or is that just me having a bit of wishful thinking?

  16. It's like a combination of a lead guitar and a bass guitar

  17. At the end they all look at each other like "oh sh*t we f**ked it up, we're going to have to do it all over again"

  18. Hooky's bass. That is all.

  19. i like Joy Division 2

  20. This is the very first song I ever heard by New Order. Summer of 1985. This song changed my life forever.

  21. Still- in 2019- I bow before thee New Order! lol
    This is magnificent ❤️

  22. Absolute. Fucking. Brilliance.

  23. I can't believe how bad the sound quality is.

  24. New Order "The Perfect Kiss" is simply the greatest and PERFECT song? To teach someone how to play the piano using just Three (3) keys from a Virtual Piano?

  25. Best song ever.loved it for 32 now 48 it still has the same effect every time.

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