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New Orleans Jazz Funeral for tuba player Kerwin James

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A traditional New Orleans Jazz Funeral for the late New Birth tuba player Kerwin James. He died in Oct. 2007. Alot of viewers have been asking whats the reason for the rocking of the casket, it’s so he can dance one last time. Please subscribe . ONE CITY ONE LOVE ONENAWLINS!!!

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  1. Play them on to glory Lord!

  2. P.S. God Bless Kerwin James , God bless his soul , may he find comfort in the arms of the Lord our heavenly Father . For a send off like this you know he was a man dearly loved by many.

  3. Must have ate a lot of fried chicken . Big coffin .

  4. Please note, that the white cops came and busted this party up

    Tuba Player Kerwin James Dies at 35

    Noted tuba player Kerwin James, member of the New Birth Brass Band and younger brother to Philip and Keith Frazier of the Rebirth Brass Band, died Friday in a Houston hospital. James, 35, had been in a coma since the summer of 2006, when he suffered a stroke during a performance.

    James, a native of the Treme neighborhood in New Orleans, was known for his dedication and devotion to the city after the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. Considered by bandleader Joe Torregano as “the heir to the throne of the late, great Anthony ‘Tuba Fats’ Lacen,” James was also known for his impressive performances at local events such as the French Quarter Festival.

    Yet after a show last year, James suffered a stroke that left him paralyzed and, on Friday, caused complications that led to his death. A parade in James’ honor was spontaneously held on St. Phillip Street in New Orleans when the community heard of his death, but authorities broke up the event and two musicians, snare drummer Derrick Tabb and trombonist/singer Glen David Andrews, were arrested for disturbing the peace.

  5. Täyttä menoa tässä+++++

  6. I like the music. But it seems disorganized for a respectable setting.

  7. What is this particular song called that they play at the beginning?

  8. Just beautiful. You may pass on folks, but NEVER lose your soul. I mean WOW!

  9. It's some of the best music I've ever heard in my life . Those guys are playing their hearts out . Oh if I could only leave this world like that . God Bless The Band !

  10. Perfect "send off" – have watched this 100 times

  11. I just left a funeral for a former musician friend a thought of this video.

  12. You GOTTA LOVE THIS!!! The respect given to the musician was Magical.


  13. Having got rid of a (tuba) jazzer is worth a celebration indeed!!

  14. Morbid funerals! keep them! This is wonderful. Great to be so loved.

  15. Beautiful. This man's passion was MUSIC and what a terrific TRADITIONAL send off.

  16. Wow…what a send off celebrating life 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🥀

  17. Best celebration of life I have ever seen.

  18. Absolutely amazing,, Yes Lord!

  19. Good departure way to go.

  20. So good to see a tradition that last.

  21. I want this when I die but I don't think the priest would approve.

  22. Now that is awesome… better to have tears of joy than sadness. Truly a celebration of life 🙂

  23. I love my city😎💯💪👏

  24. These people have soul.

  25. Least no one dropped it

  26. I keep coming back to this to listen so beautiful

  27. Anyone know the name of this tune?

  28. 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪

  29. This makes me want to celebrate my home going while I'm still alive! This was PHENOMENAL. Such a RICH culture in NOLA

  30. I hope that people SING AND DANCE and praise the Lord in similar fashion and grace when I get get 'called HOME to be with our Heavenly Father"……….and all the PURE SPIRIT saints. Of course, people grieve someone's death from this life…………….THE CELEBRATION is about PASSING ON from this earthly (mortal coil)……….and into A SPIRITUAL AND PURE LOVE STATE OF BEING…………

  31. I was at this one, I never saw so many tubas in one place! Great second line, I danced for hours.

  32. Already told my wife this is how I want my funeral

  33. No chance of him being asleep or in a coma!! Wake him up!! Love those 2nd line funerals!!

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