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New Orleans Traditional Jazz and Funeral Band

New Orleans Traditional Jazz and Funeral Band marching over 2 miles in the Anaheim Halloween Parade on October 31st, 2009 in Anaheim, California. video made by salvatore sebergandio.

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  1. Nothing like New Orleans ❤❤❤

  2. When the saints come marchin in yes indeed

  3. Again… a great band not in New Orleans for an event.

  4. nice video, have a look at my videos too. Thx! Cheers Mary

  5. "… Live & Let Die…" 😂😀

  6. i would love to die like this

  7. The most handsome band I ever saw!

  8. This is how I wanna go…

  9. enough to awaken the dead 

  10. Who is the name of the second tune??

  11. I miss New Orleans. 🙁

  12. Oh when the saints…OHH WHEN THE SAINTS..OH WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHING IN!!…I'm Australian and even I know that one!!

  13. Awesome. Just Awesome 😀

  14. @Gerod05 when the saints go marching in

  15. I visted New Orleans in the summer on my trip around America on Amtrack, I would love to go back for Satchmo – The Yearly Louis Armstrong festival! I love Trad Jazz! & I too would love to bring soul of new orleans to london on my funneral 😛

  16. these guys are awsome during the mardi gras parades

  17. Damn! N'Orleans sure does know how to send one off on that last trip, doesn't it? Great stuff!

  18. @Gerod05 That tune is called Bourbon Street Parade.

  19. Not bad. But I want to go out with bagpipes! "Mist Covered Mountain" is my tune.

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