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New Years Day – Malevolence Live in Houston, Texas

New Years Day Live at White Oak Music Hall in Houston, Texas – April/30/2018

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  1. GOSTOSA pra ka ra le ooooo !

  2. Охуенные сиськи :DDDD

  3. her singing live is sooo bad, honestly. But otherwise their songs are amazing to me, no offense, i love tham!

  4. For me her live performance sounds pretty dissapointing. It's sad cos otherwise i love their music.

  5. Wow the back of my head is big.

  6. I love her hair! Yes it's because it's half red and black like Harley Quinn lol.

  7. first time I have ever heard this band and nice she has stage presence good band

  8. Excellent Video, Keep up the good work!

  9. Wish i could have gone to see these bands in concert!

  10. Wow, her boobs r much bigger now :3 nice 😀 and ofc nice performance, I hope someday they will come to Poland

  11. I love this! Thank you so much for all of your recordings 💜💙

  12. Ash's vocals sound incredible! What a great recording!

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