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Nice Music From Tryps Ys Song

Artist Name: Tryps Ys
A game changer come with a unique style with music to motivate my listeners to go get there check. I’m from Loas Angels, CA grew up in San Diego,Ca (LASD my routes) but been all over the states so got hand own experience in many jurisdictions. T.RY.P.S is an acronym for Taken.Risk.Young.Paper.Staccn and YS represent Your Streets cause 7/10 I was in your streets. My main goal is to bring the style of music that when you hear my voice your speakers turn up. I’m not your typical west coast artist I talk about the grind and hustle “the do shit yourself and dont wait for it to come route”. So to all that’s taking there time to listen to thys T.R.Y.P.S movement I appreciate all.

InstaGram: Hustleman_Ys
Youtube: M.M.M YS
Soundcloud link:👇
Jungle Muzic vol.1 – SoundCloud
Listen to Jungle Muzic vol.1 by Tryps YS #np on #SoundCloud

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