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Nike – Dream Crazier

Show them what crazy dreams can do. #justdoit

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  1. Except if you are pregnant lol

  2. NOBODY has ever said wanting equal opportunity is a bad thing. What a crock of twisted bullshit.

  3. "if we want to play against men, we're nuts". Isn't this the voice of Serena Williams? Serena who played a man ranked outside the top 200 and got beaten badly alongside her sister, proving that it is in fact nuts in a lot of sports.

  4. It's a good message, but Nike has to clean up their on backyard from all the inhumane practices used in their production.

  5. The worst Ad made by Nike….. You actually made the whole world crazy…..

  6. This ad makes no sense for so many reasons. Who said anything about there sports is crazy.

  7. From a feminist absolutely!! We are in 2019 guys 😔😔😔

  8. Did someone say… child slavery?

  9. And what about when those Women want to have babies and you suspended their contracts without pay?

    Fuck. Nike.

  10. Lying to women First of all at the first women are just more emotional, SO WHAT? Second of all at :10 where a girl is playing football. MAYBE at pee wee league that's okay BUT can you imagine Ray Lewis hitting any woman alive? Third of all at :27 That is not 100% a natural born woman. She was born with ambiguous sex organs and doctors CHOSE the identity of female for her. 4th of all NO women should not coach an NBA team. The game is just on a level that no woman would have ever experienced.

  11. WHen peole say "thats crazy" about a woman dunking, that is used in a positive connotation, definitely not shamming a female for being able to dunk. That is so sick if a woman can dunk, hats off to them. People nowadays just make shit up. SMH


  13. Oh these poor victims😥😂

  14. Who wants to go get some adidas merch? Bc I do after watching this political propaganda.

  15. Feemales are the best entertainers it's called Porn! Still to what you're good at

  16. Feminization bla bla bla, fuck you Nike.

  17. Ok I agree this commercial sucks but can someone tell me the name of the song in the background.

  18. This is feminazi propaganda bullshit. I'm not buying Nikes ever again

  19. This ads stupid and misinformed

  20. Nike is trying to get more women into sports so they can sell more shoes to them

  21. Get out with this dumb shit nothing was crazy

  22. Most of Nikes ads have always had men and women in them this is the first video where they’ve only had one gender in the whole ad not a single man all woman pretty hypocritical coming from Nike

  23. Nike exploits child labour. That's what "Crazy" has done


  25. This gender equality ad crazy

  26. Nike is so hypocritical

  27. When will Nike start supporting THE BEST women athletes….TRANS WOMEN!

    We want ALL trans women’s teams cuz we want THE BEST!

    Trans women kick real women’s asses all over the place!!!

  28. What will they say when transgender women start taking over female sports?

  29. Who called someone delusional for wanting equal opportunity?

  30. An Asian 5 year girl dreaming of getting the fuck out of a clothing factory…….. CRAZY.

  31. "Show them what crazy can do" Nike Sweatshops: WTF!!!

  32. Women are the only who thinks that they're getting offended. That's crazy.

  33. Dumbest ad I’ve seen in my life

  34. What about the men we are obviously better then women lmao gut seursoly this is why nobody likes nike anymore with these stupid ass vids

  35. Sue bird was too good for the WNBA

  36. Y’all got all the rights you beat I am finna be trans so I can wool your ass

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