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Outraged By The Ridiculous Vote, Yoona’s Fandom Announced A Boycott Of The AAA 2018 Award Ceremony

Outraged By The Ridiculous Vote, Yoona’s Fandom Announced A Boycott Of The AAA 2018 Award Ceremony
As one of the strongest nominee of the Best Actress Popularity Award in the 2018 Asia Artist Award, Yoona was constantly losing a large number of votes without any explanations from the organiser has led to the female fan community’s boycott.

Asia Artists Awards 2018 – AAA is currently entering the final phase of the polls before the official launch on November 28. As one the youngest prizes in the system of award ceremonies in Korea. however, AAA has a very high reputation after only 2 years due to the transparent voting and awarding rations,

AAA is the earliest open voting system of all awards at Kpop.

However, that may have been the story of previous years. For this year’s event, one of the fan community of the nominee of the popularity award critized the award for being cheating. Yoona from SNSD was nominated for the Most Popular Actress Award, which she has won twice in succession to be named in 2016 and 2017.
Yoona has won the Popularity Award consecutively 2 years since 2016.

This year netizens saw the fierce competition between the actresses. In the preliminary round and first round, the ‘National Goddess’ was to able to win overwhelmingly, However, in the second round also known as the final round, Yoona’s votes happened to fall behind by a big amount. This caused the fans of the idol to be extremely surprised when her votes were being deleted, which the votes were largely funded from the fan community in China.
The number of votes deducted has caused Yoona’s votes to fall behind with a big gap.

In the previous 2 years of AAA, fans werent allowed to purchase the votes as there are limited votes per day. But this year, it happens that purchasing votes is available. Yoona’s fans feel that it is okay to compete with purchased votes, but it is not okay for the organiser of this award ceremony to delete the fans’ votes without any valid reasons. Specifically, this award has subtracted more than 100 thousands votes by the fans of the 29-year-old star paid for the purchase votes. The first time was 60,000 votes, but the fans said that it was because they voted in a large amount at one time so they were suspected to be illegal to do so.

After that, the fans gave in votes in small amount at one time so that the votes will not be deducted. However, AAA continued to clear 40,000 votes without any valid reasons and that was completely absurd because selling votes is one of the form provided by the BTC for the fans to purchase and vote. But then again the votes were being deleted without a good and fair reason. It’s not just the vote or the award structure, but this is a blatant deception because one of the biggest fansite in China, Limyoonabar has dropped a big amount of around $14k in this prize, excluding the fans who purchased the votes individually. But in return, the treatment was extremely ridiculous and unreasonable.

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