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Peter Hook | Interview | ‘Inside Joy Division’ | 2nd Oct 2012 | Music News

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Peter Hook | Interview | ‘Inside Joy Division’ | 2nd October 2012 | Music News

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Comments (37)

  1. God, Ian singing "Blue Monday" would've been beautiful…I can hear it in my head so clearly too.

  2. Glad to have shook your hand Peter.Well done with your books and and leaving a sound in all your fans brains with bass playing.Sometimes it happens when in conversation with someone.Actually………your a nightmare ha ha

  3. Hooky is obviously the most human of all the New Order members.

  4. Peter Hooks book"Unknown Pleasures" Is a wonderful book. Hook speaks about Ian Curtis as much as about him self and his life. This interview struck me as very special the way he remembers How important Ian was to the band what a warm thoughtful person Ian was. I truly believe Peter has missed Ian the most of what was Joy Division and I know he things of Ian most every day of his life. Ian's talent to sing , write lyrics and perform on stage will live on till end of time. As one fan of Ian wrote he was a passing angel was her too short of time most gifted with writing songs, Ian gave his all.

  5. …gosh, it's easy to forget they had DAY-JOBS while making this incredible music….?!

  6. Hey Dad!!… can you please turn down the volume on that devil music…I'm trying to study!
    …so I don't end up with my teens and twenties being the high point of my life.

  7. Just finished it, I absolutely loved it! Much better than the two other JD books I've read. I have his two other books on the way 😀

  8. How can you leave out the best bass player in the world out of new order, I've heard them without him and they sound shite!

  9. There is no New Order without Peter Hook, just like there's no Joy Division without Ian. And he is really honest in his book, that is obvious, because he doesn't spare himself the stories where he looks a twat too.

  10. lifelong fan of Joy Division not that fussed about New Order but love the Hooky interviews really down to earth comes across honest and generally interesting good stuff!

  11. Ave just started reading the book, don't read much books but I love joy division and want to learn the back story and even about hookys early life and upbringing .

  12. Nice Breitling watch Hooky.

  13. Just ordered the book. Can't wait!

  14. This was great.Really enjoyed him and The Light in Wakefield.I am a true believer in Joy Division, fuckin hallelujah.

  15. Hook and his bass Are New Order

  16. Flog a dead horse springs to mind playing covers lol what a cunt

  17. yeah peter hook from joy division 

    one of the best bands of all time

  18. Bernie told me your just out for the cash.sold out years ago.

  19. Paul Jones – I agree 100%…. but as a group it all works so well. I just wish they would patch up their differences…
    Songs like Perfect Kiss still make me tingle, just as She's lost control….

  20. He appears on concerts with New Order

  21. Hooky is so awesome live. I have seen Peter Hook and the light twice now and his is an amazing showman. Close to a 3 hour show. I only paid 25 dollars for my ticket and the venue was very intimate. I saw New Order without Hooky and it just seemed they were so disconnected and so far away. They didn't even play for 2 hours. Hooky sounded great vocally especially on the Joy Division songs. Amazing keep it up.

  22. For me personally,Bernard was the weakest link in the band.
    Hook and Morris' musical ability were the driving force followed by Curtis' singing delivery.
    Just saying……..

  23. Joy Division, New Order and there is a New Order tribute band.  No Hooky, no New Order.

  24. Bernard is a leach. Pete is from l/h HE DOES NOT NEED TO LIE. Put it all straight Pete like how loyal you are to Ian

  25. I'm completely uninterested in New Order without Hooky.

  26. Interesting interview with great person. Like many Northerners (being one myself), Hook is very direct and to the point.  Seems so honest and feel a bit sorry for him. Cannot help but sense that he would love to re-work together with his other two old friends…

  27. Glad to see Hooky is open to sort things out with the rest of the band.

  28. I'm reading Peter's book at the moment, and I like his natural, unpretentious style of writing. Some of the stories are really funny, too, it's just the way he tells it cracks me up.

  29. what an uncomfortable interview

  30. All apples and oranges, period.

  31. his books are well worth the read. thanks hooky.
    and thanks for mentioning andy liddle,

  32. Yeah, I will agree that New Order is selling out. Peter Hook has right to perform this music since he did have a hand in it's creation. I just feel like it's a tad exploitative.

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