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Phantom of the Opera – Lindsey Stirling

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Shannon Cheek made all the AMAZING costumes. She does custom work and these dresses are for sale on her site:

You can purchase the white dress I wore in this video on THIS WEEK (8/19/13):

Cinematography by Devin Graham. Be sure to check out his channel:

Chris McClain and Jace Leroy helped film at the rock venue as well.

Candles donated by Gold Canyon Candles. They made the set smell so so good.

I am playing one of Mark Woods Amazing Viper Violins. I gotta get me one of these. You can see them and many more on his site:

The beautiful paint job on the violin was done by Annie Haslam. See more of her work:

Produced by Andrew Williams Pulley and Lindsey Stirling
Arranged by Lindsey Stirling
Engineered by Andrew Williams Pulley
Recorded at Sapphire Recording Studios in Provo, Utah
Drums Recording Engineered by Johnny Cerneka at Pot O’ Gold Recording Studios in Los Angeles, CA
Mixed by Jesse String at Jesse’s Private Studio in Los Angeles, CA
Mastered by Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering in Portland, Maine

Violin Performed by Lindsey Stirling
Drums Performed by Drew Steen and Brandon Cummings
Harp and Keys performed by Debi Johanson:
Guitar and Bass performed by Mike Fjerstad

Directed, edited, and produced: Lindsey Stirling

Joanna Bishop did my makeup at the rock concert.

Thanks to Andrew Lloyd Webber for his outstanding talents. He composed the original score for Phantom of the Opera. I have always LOVED this music and the play is incredible. If you haven’t seen it… it’s a must see.

Thanks to the Capitol Theater in Salt Lake City for letting me film there and thanks to the Velour in Provo (the vintage rock venue).

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