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Pink Floyd – High Hopes (Official Music Video)

The official promo video for ‘High Hopes’ by Pink Floyd, taken from the album ‘The Division Bell’. The 20th Anniversary Edition of Pink Floyd’s ‘The Division Bell’ is out now #TDB20

The 20th anniversary box set features six discs, collectors’ prints, a Blu-ray disc and for the first time a 5.1 version of The Division Bell, mixed and mastered by Andy Jackson and Damon Iddins. The Blu-ray disc also features a new video for Marooned directed by Aubrey Powell at Hipgnosis. A double vinyl edition is also available. For more info go to

Download the 2011 remaster from iTunes today here:

+ 6 Individual Volumes available as Multi-disc Book-bound packages
+ Featuring Rare Tracks, Demos, Interviews, and Film Footage
+ Each ‘Year’ CD, DVD & Blu-Ray package includes Photo Book & Memorabilia


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  1. Quando eu vejo esse vídeo me sinto como se estivesse cheiradão de maconha.

  2. Quando eu vejo esse vídeo me sinto como se estivesse cheiradão de maconha.

  3. Release your memories like giant bouncing balls. Let them go. Move on

  4. My take: Getting older means nostalgia. But recognize that nostalgia is a combination of profundity and absurdity. You can't go back.

  5. Who the hell dislikes these songs where do these people come from?

  6. The moment when the mid age man opens the car and lets his youth go always makes me cry

  7. Who the fuck are all those 7k people? Aliens who hate the earth?

  8. I came to a conclusion way back then even though Marsala but Still that is not me…

  9. I saw somehow over the years sorry I ever did these people want wars…

  10. More than 7100 muggles do not like good music! That sad!

  11. Этим все сказано! Классика PINK FLOYD! Я плачу! 1994 год. Мне жаль тебя Европа!

  12. Life crys like thse😢😢 last guiter solo..😢😢too bad too much bad😭😭

  13. Esse clipe é um absurdo de Psicodélico! $_$

  14. escucho esto mientras espero la hora para ir a buscar a mis hijos al jardin.brillante

  15. When this song came out when I was 19, I dreaded the inevitable time in which I would profoundly understand it as I do now.

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