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Pirates of the Caribbean (Auckland Symphony Orchestra) 1080p

Klaus Badelt – Music from the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack, performed by the Auckland Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Gary Daverne.
From the concert “Organ Symphony” recorded November 2012 at the Auckland Town Hall

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  1. 1:48 best part 😀
    Just imagine Captain! Jack Sparrow gliding into the harbour 😀

  2. 142 stupid dislike this video -_-

  3. It had me smiling and tapping all the way to the end. Beautiful 🙂

  4. Saludos desde chile me emociona you are great o muy god really …

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  6. that sounds very good 
    actually better than in the movie

  7. I liked more this than the other of the film

  8. This is a very good song😊❤❤❤

  9. The snare drum gets me every time…

  10. The girl in the percussions is cute though. Haha

  11. Very good! Do Star Trek themes too! That would be awesome!

  12. Is it my phone or does this video only have 2 comments?!

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