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Psychosis or Spiritual Awakening: Phil Borges at TEDxUMKC

Phil Borges, filmmaker and photographer, has been documenting indigenous and tribal cultures for over 25 years. His work is exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide and his award winning books have been published in four languages. Phil’s recent project, Inner Worlds, explores cultural differences with respect to consciousness and mental illness.

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  1. You don’t need to chase shamans , we are all having so called spiritual experiences

  2. Science and Spirituality need to go hand in hand. They cannot replace each other.

  3. Violent white Christians in the US committed genocide on the indigenous shamanic culture of Turtle Island, ( and ecocide on the beautiful environment), now this guy gets a grant to hike around the world, and up and down the Himalayas to 'research' the usefulness of shamanism…..? Missouri was probably full of sha-people once.

  4. Whoever shot this film totally sucks. Don’t they think we want to see who he’s talking about????

  5. Yes but it's not a prison

  6. I am in the middle of this. What now? Where do we find good mentors?

  7. Albert Einstein was far more spiritual person than a physicst 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. Hahaha the title is so spot on.

  9. I am in the universe but I am not a part of it….I don't have compassion for anything or anyone. Just because you can copy me does not mean we are the same.

  10. Im going through this at the moment..

  11. Excellent video. I have experienced a 'consciousness awakening' in our Western Society and was directed to the mental health authorities..Thankfully a friend introduced me to spiritual people in Glastonbury England who assured me of my new found gifts as being 'normal' when you evolve to a higher consciousness. This experience gave me psychic abilities, I realised then I had been seeing visions, heard voices, could connect to other dimensions, do mediumship, am a telepath and a natural hands on healer.

    I had no support from anyone except for a friend who understood some spiritual matters. It was like having a 'mental breakdown' and I had to carry on as 'normal'. Since, my life has become more 'challenging' as my mind has transformed and I had to change my line of work from banking to being a carer on a low income. I have had to change my entire life and I am still in the process of downsizing and trying to remain 'normal' before I loose everything as I 'struggle' to remain grounded.

    I only see my future 'work' using my spiritual and healing abilities as once this happens to you there is no turning back!

  12. What a pity we couldn't see the slides!

  13. Amazing,so much to learn !

  14. "The psychotic drowns in the same waters in which the mystic swims with delight"

  15. Horrible film editing! , This video does not show the pics of the Shamans posted on the screen behind Phil, why? If they did not what to show them then whats the point of taking pictures of them

  16. Tf why cant i see his screen???

  17. Brain/Body as Buddha?
    What if the ancients were mistaken about what is going on in the so-called spirit-ual journey? What if the entire thing, can be explained by the sheer power and potentiality of this material brain/body mechanism? I mean all of it. Like you name it – bliss, oneness, peace, intuition, clarity, compassion, sense of Beingness, heightened capacities, inspiration, visions, rich experiences mistaken for actual (ie. astral travel, past lives etc) – what if the whole thing can be explained by this very powerful, complex, and still barely understood organic system? What if what is called spirituality, is basically nothing more than this system that we are born with, mixed in with life conditioning, trauma, practices to hack our systems, luck, drugs, beliefs, and so on? What if so-called lineage transmission, is nothing more than some systemic potentiality that has come online for someone, through chance or in trying to hack the system via various practices, that resonates with the same potentiality in others? What if all of the deities, are just aspects of the system's potentiality? What if there is nothing before this brain/body mechanism comes online, and nothing when it dies? What if the entire sense of this life, including the most sublime and subtle "spiritual" states, are entirely manufactured by the brain/body mechanism? What if the only spiritual evolution to speak of, is the evolution of this brain/body mechanism, which basically uses the form to evolve according to natural laws. And there is no vast underlying Divine plan. What if everything you assumed was a spiritual process, is basically just the brain/body mechanism moving through it's unique program according to whatever genetic code, conditioning, stressors, traumas, systemic hacking (ie. meditation, breathwork, chanting, yoga, etc) What if the ancients simply could not understand the sheer power and complexity of this system, and what it could manufacture – and just filtered it through what they did know at the time (ie. culture, religion, limits of knowledge, imagination, superstition)? Science has already caused a lot of spiritual teachers to discard many of the things that were assumed to be true by the ancients. Contemporary movements are already a mix of West meets East – with all kinds of adaptation, rejection, adding, subtracting. So is it such a giant leap to consider that scientific discoveries are going to move spirituality further in that direction? Is it such a radical notion that we could discover that the entire life experience – from the mundane to the spiritual – is all a product of the system? And that we will discover far more profound and targeted ways to manipulate and develop the system – to basically create a new super species? Which could have all of the aspects of a spiritually enlightened being – if that is what an advanced society deems as ideal? It may be that our sense of being an individual human being – with a life story, and the whole thing – is merely an illusory by-product of these complex systems slowly evolving. That these bodies are basically the container for the system to evolve.
    Any thoughts?

  18. PRIVATELY ORGANIZED TALK, NOT A PART OF TEDx!!! Do not listen to this SCAM!

  19. Your conclusion has nothing to f do with the whole talk. This dude is a sham, do not listen to him unless you wanna be even more of a tard .

  20. Really would benefit from a bar stool to hold himself a little more.

  21. Wish the photos were available for us to view…

  22. Would love to know where Adam is today.

  23. Careful about depression and suicidal thoughts when you start feeling better. I've attempted suicide and was disappointed to wake up in the hospital. I've got bipolar 1 and it's like balancing on a fragile, narrow path.

  24. If you still believe in spirits then you're not truly awakened 🙂 people always used the word spiritual to express things they cannot comprehend 🙂 just give neuroscience a couple of years and '' spirituality'' will be explained too 🙂

  25. i'm disabled with schizophrenia, all the time i wonder if i'll get worse, and a lo t of times lately I have felt worse. Hopeless even. It's really good hearing this video. Maybe we can be happy and get better, live normally, even if things like medication and the like just don't work

  26. I just had this experience… a psychological break… shattering of my reality. Thank you for this video. My mentor came to me when I was in the psychiatric ward. Thanks to this video I am able to see him for who he is now… and trust him.

  27. I AM SO EVER THANKFUL! Thank you all so much for doing these episodes.

  28. The top comments here show how people with mental illness desire validation. Well, here's something for you: yes, you are a universe of thoughts and dreams and a mind trying to make sense of random patterns, just like all the other humans. But you are unwell, you are broken. And you need to go and get help.

    EDIT: On a side-note, you don't need to become psychotic or damage your brain by taking drugs to grasp the simple truth that we actually are all a part of one and the same physical universe. Make what you want of it.

    Also, I felt as if the talker wanted to leave the very dangerous message that mental illness can be left untreated and overcome simply by make-believe/"meditation". This should raise some red flags about his narrative altogether.

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