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Pt. 2 HOW TO: Vote BTS for Billboard!! (On Twitter!!) *UPDATED*

⚠⚠Voting via Twitter!⚠⚠
– Use THIS hashtag only! ▶#BTSBBMAs
– Add a phrase, song lyrics, word/words at the beginning OR end of your tweet if you’re going to be posting more than once, because repeated Tweets are eliminated!
– Retweet other tweets! (But ONLY if they meet the criteria!)

– DON’T use any of these hashtags when voting▶ #BBMAs, #BBMA
– DON’T forget to retweet other tweets! (But ONLY if they meet the criteria!)

Watch Pt. 1: How to vote BTS for Billboard on the Billboard Website!

Follow this Twitter account to keep up with BTS’s Billboard position in the race!

BG music:

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  1. Thank you soooooooooo much

  2. is it the same thing this year?

  3. When you vote 100 times a it only in a one account or you need to make many account to vote??…Please answer my question..Thank you🙂 (sorry for my bad english🙂)

  4. thank you so much ! let's continue fighting ARMY !

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