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Pure Prairie League -Amie (High Quality)

“Amie” by PPL.

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  1. I hear this song and I suddenly don't feel like killing

  2. I just ADORE the guitar work on this song, just awesome.

  3. Gonna see them perform in August in Upstate NY along w/ Don McLean. Amy was going to be my son's name if he had been a girl. He is Shawn instead….

  4. This a fun song to do the couples dance Two Step to.  I have many times ….

  5. Good track with a clean recording. Not rushed or forced. Very well done!

  6. For some reason I get a Monkees vibe from this. I can picture Mike and/or Mickey on lead. Davey pitching in on percussion. A hit is a hit. As a fan of both this song and the Monkees, I just can see it.

  7. Never tried to make you think? Sexist

  8. Crazy good guitar licks .. (all acoustic, too) ..and Vince Gill still sounds as good today as he did back then. Great music.

  9. Where is the good old days gone😥is my question?

  10. Craig freakin' Fuller, baby!

  11. That, boys and girls, is how to sing the melody. See also Gerry Polci on 'December 1963.'

  12. love me some Missouri prairie

  13. Still the best version of this.

  14. Maybe he could help my husband about the music and the story behind it

  15. People sang this song to me don't understand what the song was about
    My husband usually great with understanding songwriting

  16. Always ❤️💖💜 this song!! a few good memories…

  17. Who's listening in 2032?

  18. This is music we can relate to

  19. Falling in an out of love with you
    ….what am I gonna doooo ooo

  20. my late husband made a mix tape for me a couple months before we married…he put this song on that tape. I love it, everything about it, even though i feel happysad every time I hear it…even though.

  21. Amy is my EX wifes name ironic

  22. this song brigns me chrild

  23. Left my Album in California when I came back to Texas
    And somehow? Forgot ]what pain],
    Think it was sold or given to one of the sons of Mrs Maurer, with countless other Albums by mistake.

    Two Lane Highway is Unreal.

  24. PLEASE check out CarProUSA, thanks 🙂

  25. Mz I grew up around hippies also, couldn't find a better bunch of people!!!

  26. RIP….Amy Morehouse….the greatest person I have ever known.

  27. Beautiful has always come to mind from the first time i heard this song when it came out right up to now still beautiful imho!

  28. And all these years I thought this was CCR.

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