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Queen – Breakthru (Official Video)

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Taken from The Miracle, 1989.

Queen – ‘Breakthru’

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The official ‘Breakthru’ music video. Taken from Queen – ‘Greatest Video Hits 2’.

Comments (49)

  1. The first Queen song I have ever heard.

  2. anyone else realize all the women in his videos usually look like Mary Austen?

  3. Queen should use this train instead of a bus for their next tour.

  4. John is just so happy I lobe that bass

  5. I would totally spend hours bricking up those tunnels to have them knocked down by Freddie on a flying train bonanza

  6. This song is fuckin awesome. First time even hearing it in 2019. What have I missed

  7. My mam is massive queen fan I grew listening to them took me to I reached the age of 32 to appreciate how amazing they actually were they are the greatest rock band ever in my eyes Freddy Mercury is without doubt the greatest singer of all time never again will we hear the like again

  8. Brian's hair in this video is majestic

  9. Freddies powerful vocals get me

  10. I remember two months ago, as a child listening to this. My dad used to say back then that I needed tobreak through life, and it was the best advice he ever gave (yes, he's still alive). I cry remembering those times when my pc was exactly the one I have now, but a bit younger. Tears of joy.
    Peace.(Don't smoke guys)

  11. I wonder how many flies they had to swallow making this video 🙂

  12. Imagine driving thrue the middle of nowhere and you see this driving past

  13. The blonde girl is Deborah Leng, Roger's ex wife

  14. "oh no not the tunnels!"

  15. the bass melody sounds just like AC DC a whole lotta rosie guitar, I think it's the same

  16. This wonderful man did music till his latest days.

  17. The Miracle Express (If They are filming in Britain) I believe is pulled by a LMS Stannier Class 8F steam Locomotive

  18. This ain’t CGI folks! No stunt involved either!
    How many band got their own labeled train? It’s a rock concert on speed! Love all of it ♥️

    Can’t take my eyes off John in this and that bass solo…😍🥰

  19. Some of these scenes look a bit dangerous actually. Nowadays they would do it with greenscreen/CGI.

  20. Not the tunnel !!! Everything but not the tunnel !

  21. Обожаю его!Он гениален!
    Космос!И плевать глубоко,что о нем говорят!Таких больше нет и не будет

  22. Deaky looks so happy in this video😭❤️❤️

  23. 0:42 quando entrò nella freccia rossa e mi sento nell'ipervelocità

  24. Let's not forget how insanely good at bass John was….
    He was the true carry in the 80's..
    The two biggest hits in the 80's (Another One Bites The Dust And I Want To Break Free) were written by John…
    The third largest (Under Pressure) was heavily influenced by his bassline..
    Many other songs, especially from the 80's have insane Deacy basslines
    A Kind Of Magic and Breakthru are two of them

  25. Brian kinda looks like a teacher or principal in this vid.


  27. Who’s listening in 2020?

  28. Queen breaktrhu (canzone piú bella del mondo)


  30. may is coooooooooool

  31. Some badass bass we got here

  32. this song can vibrate my ears. i like it

  33. pls support the lego project for the train in this music video in this link we really need this!

    edit: if this lego project gets supported gets 10000 times, this might be a lego set!

  34. This is a perfect song for y'all who had crushes 😚

  35. One voice of the gods, add three brothers who are virtuosos with their instruments, hard to say this band isn’t among the pantheon of the greatest.

  36. Freddie was a frustrated pole dancer wanna-be! 😉

  37. Play it again, play it again

  38. You have to wonder who's crazy idea was it to do this on top of a train?! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  39. Beard Freddie makes me sad ((if you know why he got the beard))) b ut I love how much energy this has ❤❤ they look like they're having a good time m y heart ❤ 💞

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