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QUEEN: Tour Preparation / News of The World (1977)

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VIDEO INFO: Rare footage, some of which only emerged last year filmed by the BBC in 1977 during the rehearsals and early dates of the US leg of the ‘News Of the World’ album – featuring the BBC’s ‘Whispering’ Bob Harris; rebroadcast last year to coincide with its 40th anniversary.

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Comments (33)

  1. The drink tins crack me up, short, stumpy barrel like.. even though I was born a couple of years later when I was a kid drink cans looked more or less as they do today.

  2. The best of times! BrianFreddieJohnRoger+Queen=Greatness! Yes indeed☺

  3. No entiendo una mierda pero me encanta😍

  4. Yo tenía 12 añitos cuando ya escuchaba We Will rock you and Killer Queen ahora me gustan mucho más forever Queen.

  5. Something I've always wondered: Why do they hang on to another person going into the show? I understand, coming off the stage from the bright lights to the darker off stage environment at the end, but why at the beginning?

  6. I’m expecting Nigel Tufnel to show up somewhere

  7. I Still Love You Freddie!!!!❤❤❤😘😘😘👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍🌷💐💐

  8. I had seen the Adam Lambert and Queen in Cleveland in 2017. Worst concert I’d ever seen, Roger Taylor had a backup drummer and did not keep in time. Adam Lambert lip synced and no dancing or back up dancers to warrant lip syncing. I paid big dollars and the movie was just an omage to the fake lies to further egos because they have enough money. I felt like a sucker born that night and only paid to see the movie the dollar show because my daughter wanted to go. Pure egos is all I have to say. Gross.

  9. Great vintage footage!!!

  10. "It's Late" is such a perfect song.

  11. Wait…according to that awful movie Queen recorded "We will rock you" in 1980

  12. How can you do a world tour that’s only 46 dates? Not a touring band that’s for sure

  13. That Interviewer Once Interview Robert Plant

  14. All this awesome unseen footage popping up. . Wonder if a movie that won some Oscars about,,,ohh say ,the pet shop boys or some other shitty band would find unseen footage. .? Ha ha.

  15. 1:04 is me whenever I see a drum set and attempt to play.

  16. "There's no point in saying, 'We Will Rock You' after we've rocked them!"  — Freddie

  17. I love 1:05 where Freddie is waving the sticks around.  He's so damned cute!

  18. There is that treacherous viper Prenter with his beady eye watching and scheming. Treacherous trixie Pikey. Just started working for Freddie that year 1:56

  19. 2:37 did somebody pass out in the hallway?
    I wouldn't be surprised if if the creators of Spinal Tap or Metalocalypse didn't see this!
    Freddie's outfit just makes me think of when Dr. Rockso showed his music video
    "This video was banned from Music Television because you can see my junk through my jumpsuit!"

  20. I saw that amazing tour. Really good, yes it was. Love it.

  21. Freddie can play on drums too..not surprise:-)

  22. I loved seeing Freddie attempting to play the drums

  23. I love when he speaks of people expecting the "old stuff" from 3-4 years before…. watching this 40+ years later. LOL

  24. @7:34 Squarespace totaly copied The summit logo 😂

  25. Brian is such an amazing person. You can tell by the way he talks that he’s very smart but gentle and soft spoken😂❤️

  26. That Hero made you! Brian’s job was to give Freddie a hard time because of his insecurity.

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