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Queen – We Will Rock You (Official Video)

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Taken from News Of The World, 1977.

Queen – ‘We Will Rock You’

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The official ‘We Will Rock You’ music video. Taken from Queen – ‘Greatest Video Hits 1’.

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  1. 뮤비 제작비가 없아 한겨울에 로저네 집 마당에서 찍었다는 전설의 뮤비 ;-♡

  2. 映画見る前から曲とかは聞いてたけど、映画見てもっと好きになった。この曲のシーンめっちゃ鳥肌立った。ライブ行ってみたかったなって思ったw最初めっちゃうざいやつだなって思ったけどw

  3. Freddie was Indian 😊😊😊

  4. Manfaat saya suka banget lagunya walau jadul ,tapi oke lh bos 👍👍👍👍

  5. Am I an idiot for not know this songs was made by Queen

  6. 한국인 댓글 만들자.. 한국인 조용히 손!

  7. – So?
    – What's the lyrics?

  8. 한국인들 힘좀 보자.

  9. I want this team returns🎤🎤

  10. WE WILL WE WILL (you know whats next)

  11. Una de las grandes joyas

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