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Rage Against The Machine – Killing In the Name | REACTION

#slowitdowncoach #barology #wehereforthebarz

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Comments (23)

  1. I want to see you react to BB King.

  2. Lol, do you hear the message of this song? It is about being a slave to the America. 80 million Native slaves were killed before the first black slave was sold to the white man. This song is strong.

  3. I literally can't stop watching your reactions vids. One of the best reaction channels on YouTube!


  5. Must react to PANTERA ..good friends and a bottle of pills ..PLEASE !! U will love it

  6. I love the fact you’re going expanding your musical range. Maybe give Ministry a try, Jesus Built My Hotrod (Red line/White line version), Just One Fix, or maybe N.W.O.

  7. I absolutely enjoy your reactions! It's awesome watching you here and truly enjoy songs and groups we've heard numerous times… Keep them coming! If I may, check out Greta Van Fleet, Highway Tune…Best new Rock band out…

  8. pistol grip pump… I"ll just leave that there…

  9. If you really break down this song and all rage songs they are very political and anti government!

  10. the lyrics to this song are ridiculously powerful

  11. You should look up judas priest pain killer. It will blow your mind

  12. Hey Shaq! Check "Girls, Girls, Girls" by the band Motley Crue! The biggest Hard Rock- Metal band of the 80s!

  13. Yeah, bro, you picked a song there where hip hop is most definitely shown its crossover influence into heavy metal. Big difference from your Metallica and Sabbath. I'm not the biggest hip hop fan, but always loved the crossover here.

  14. Ha lol now react to unholy gravebirth by infant annihilator

  15. U need to listen to bulls on parade!

  16. They were big in the 90's

  17. Yo you gotta check out Primus my name is mud.

  18. Some of those that work forces
    Are the same that burn crosses
    Those that died are justified for wearing a badge and youre chosen white

  19. This is the frikken greatest head banging song EVAHHHH…never mind the message behind it. It just gets my rocks off everyfukintime bro.

  20. "Some of those who work forces, are the same that burn crosses"

  21. If you like Rage, you'll probably like Run the Jewels with Zach De LaRocha. and

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