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Rap Songs You Didn't Know Were Sampled

I thought this was interesting.

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  1. Sorry for the earrape on the first song. It was so quiet and turning it up only made it super meaty. :/

  2. Why am I here I listen to slamming death metal???

  3. look at all these good songs these rappers ruined.

  4. Soo Sad X Sampled SAD From A BMWI8 and He Died in 1

  5. Flashbulbs by Perkinson was also sampled in "Oh My Dis Side" by Travis Scott ft. Quavo

  6. come on,everybody knows Nas was the first person to smple the lucid dreams one pftttt

  7. all rap is just one big sample and its been like that since the 90's, its actually difficult to find a song made from scratch these days, not hating on sampling btw

  8. But most of them are obviously been sampled this video is useless dislike smh 🌀

  9. "rap songs you 100% knew were sampled"

  10. Your such a fugin h0e

  11. Anyone else get a sour note on the last one with the tune by Minnnie Ripperton being used Lil Yatchy and Gucci Mane?

  12. The fact that people were X fans and didn't know where that sound came from lmfao. The BMW was his baby.

  13. wow I did not know these songs were sampled

  14. Rap now-a-days is junk

  15. Oh, don't worry, we already knew lucid dreams was sampled 😂😂

  16. All these songs are just mumble fuck all of it

  17. Huh to think x had me in my feelings to a damn seat belt warning

  18. Is the sting shape of my heart also in a Nas song?

  19. Everyone has been wonder what Kay-T sampled

  20. So… lift yourself is literally just stolen and has some poopity scoops in it?

  21. 🕊LLJ🕊 🙅‍♂️

  22. I prefer a 10000 times sting-shape of my heart than lucid dreams

  23. The x one makes me happy 😊


  25. Everybody gangsta till Jah starts ridin

  26. All songs are the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. did S.Diesel make this video

  28. I'm only here to say I hate rap music and I hate all you too

  29. Im in luv wit a stripper and white inversion

  30. Another title for this video:
    Can I copy your homework?
    Sure but make sure to change it a bit.

  31. Who am I?
    Someone that forgot to put his seatbelt on.

  32. No surprise new age trash stealing from the originals.

  33. I be forgetting X is dead man…

  34. Nigga so what if x sampled the seatbelt

  35. busted shitty dumbass


    Cause i learned something i belive u did too! LUL i subbed and liked

  37. He turned the seatbelt chime into a pretty dope beat

  38. Everyone knows all Kanye does is sample…

  39. Sting has entered the chat

  40. wasn't hotline bling sampled from bango and kazooie lawl

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