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remarkable Awards 2012 – German Korean Entertainment Awards — Part 4 (end)

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The remarkable Awards are made through voting by all German fans on our site. The Nominees were selected by a jury and are based on the results of the German Asian Music Charts. The special awards are chosen by the jury. The remarkable Awards show what the Korean trends in music and TV of the last year are. They started in 2010.

Full list with all nominees and winners:

Song at the beginning: Shinhwa – On the Road

Comments (24)

  1. Warum war SHINee nicht nominiert? Für gar nichts?

  2. b1a4 nichtmal als nominierte danei T-T


  4. B.A.P <3 love you my angels :')

  5. hey, bap is so great, they won the song of the year, even better than big bang & psy!!! Oh my gosh!!! I'm so proud of them!!!!

  6. best absolute perfect B.A.P !!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  7. MBLAQ – Mini Album del Año
    SISTAR – Mejor grupo femenino

  8. Ich verstehs nicht lief das irgendwie im tv oder so ? >.<

  9. B.A.P WON!!!! I'm so happy! ^-^

  10. B.A.P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 win! I love No mercy ♥♥ all musics of B.A.P are so great. I hope his comeback in 2013. Thank babies german ^^

  11. Best Apsolute Perfect = B.A.P

  12. B.A.P win against psy and big bang I can't believe ^^!!!!! tht's why i'm a proud baby <3 B.A.P FOREVER

  13. I knew it no mercy is my fav B.A.P song ♡ Congraaaaaats to B.A.P and babys ♡

  14. Wow B.A.P won song of the year! Congats, that was some tough competition!

  15. Mercii pour la partage ^.^
    Trop Cool B.A.P °o°/

  16. B.A.P and Sistar Congrats <333

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