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Rush – You Think You Know Classic Rock?

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See how well you know Canada’s most famous power trio with this fact-filled video focusing on their early days..

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Comments (40)

  1. I'm sure Pharrell Williams and Tim McGraw like Tom Sawyer (The radio hit song). Besides that i think they are phony Rush fans who just say that to sound cool!

    Serious admitted Rush fans are…

    Nine Inch Nails
    Dream Theater
    Foo Fighters
    Rage Against The Machine
    Barenaked Ladies
    Zakk Wylde
    Sebastian Bach
    Jack Black
    Jason Segel
    Paul Rudd

    And a few others

  2. I knew all that shit. I want my 3 minutes back.

  3. "Fly By Night" began another somewhat important partnership fot them, as well, with that new drummer fella, Whats-his-name….

  4. Hate to brag but I've been listening to Rush since 1976. The people who made this video ought to know there are a ton of more interesting things about this mammoth sounding power trio than the few tidbits put into this vid.

  5. Can you say Copyright? or did RUSH let you have the music to produce this video?

  6. Wow. A band that's been around for over 40 years and you couldn't even get the video over three minutes long. This would be real cute for a video production class in high school but Jesus! Think you know Rush? I know a fuck of a lot more than you do apparently

  7. "Digital Man" is my favorite Rush song. Incredible guitar solo in it.

  8. 0:46 that's them playing at my school

  9. Why did they get a new drummer? What happened to their first one?

  10. I don't fucking care about Lilly and her favorite princess dress, or whatever you use to wash it. The next time I see this ad I will punch a baby. Don't test me, Tide + Downy

  11. Except, that was 10 dollars, Canadian. Canadian bills look much different than US ones…much more colour!

  12. Huh. Looks like Terry Brown was right. After Signals, Rush just didn't have it like their music did in the 70s. Nothing Rush has done since then can compare to the 5 albums leading up to Signals.

  13. the worlds most functional band, haven't had a member replacement in almost 50 years, and are still fucking amazing

  14. Best band ever!!!!!!!!

  15. yknow 10 bucks is 10 bucks

  16. The McKenzie bros. were hilarious for a second! Something you don't think of until you are reminded. That is great they got Geddy to sing for them.  I had forgotten.  Canada is probably underrated, but I wouldn't know because I have never been there.

  17. Pharrell likes Rush?

  18. John Rutsey was not at all a bad drummer – not Peart, of course, but good for the style of the first album.

    I was a huge fan until "Grace Under Pressure;" when they started sounding more like U2 or Tears For Fears.  I hated the syndrums Peart used.

    Not all of them are from Toronto.  Alex Lifeson is from Fernie, BC, Neil Peart is from the area of St. Catharines, Ontario.  Only Geddy Lee is from the Toronto area (Willowdale, Ontario, north of a now-closed Royal Canadian Air Force base, Downsview).

  19. They didn't actually pay him ten bucks. It was a joke for the movie Strange Brew.

  20. Why is Rush a classic rock band if they're still writing and releasing music together?

  21. One of those McKenzie brothers looks like Rick Moranis.

  22. Honestly, I learned nothing… knew this all already.

  23. "Lakeside Park" is probably the most beautiful song I've ever heard. Nostalgic, sweet, with a carefree summer vibe. It's like aural wine.

  24. In Sep. '74, I went to Seattle Paramount to see this crazy new band called KISS.
    Opening band ?……..    Rush !!!  
    Then in Oct. '76 Rush played the tiny Bicentennial Pavilion in Tacoma (just a floor with a roof). Met them at a very small record store (Music Menu in Lakewood)… damn nice guys ! Laughing and joking… and they stayed for well over an hour. Long past meeting the only 50 or so people that showed up.
    And then ???….  well… many shows at Seattle Coliseum, and Tacoma Dome, and White River and…
    July 19th in Seattle this year !!! Gotta be close to my 20th time ?  I dunno.
    Also… narrator mentioned "reggae" in a song.  The middle part of "Spirit Of Radio" (where they twist a few lyrics from Simon and Garfunkel), is pure reggae.

  25. Bit basic on your knowledge of Rush..  This is for those who obviously know nothing of Rush.

  26. Do a Queen episode please!! great videos

  27. Can't beat rush 🙂 

  28. Fly By Night not only introduced Terry Brown but Neil Peart of course. The two should have been mentioned together.

    And Bob and Doug did not pay Geddy $10 in US money, but Canadian money, you hoser!

  29. They've also appeared on a Kim Mitchell (Max Webster) & Jeff Berlin album.

  30. Rush kicks so much asssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!

  31. Pete Collins did amazing after Brown anyway

  32. long time relationship that began at fly night that reggae could not kill Uhhhhh Neil Peart!!!!!

  33. Yea, I already knew all of this.


  35. The front cover of Fly By Night was done by Eraldo Carugati, who later did the paintings for the cover of the four Kiss solo albums in 1978.

  36. Ten Bucks is Ten Bucks. Nice video

  37. Rush is a pretty cool band, don't really like the singers voice that much though.

  38. It's actually Hugh Syme (pronounced "sīm"). That's how Alex Lifeson pronounced. It during the episode of Classic Albums that chronicled both 2112 and Moving Pictures.

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