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Santana – Soul Sacrifice 1969 “Woodstock” Live Video HQ

Santana – Soul Sacrifice (Album 1969)
Woodstock Music Festival 1969, New York USA
Carlos Santana – Guitar
Gregg Rolie – Keyboards, Organ
David Brown – Bass
Michael Shrieve – Drums
Michael Carabello – Percussion, Congas
Jose Areas – Percussion, Congas

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  1. My man on the bass is so happy to see everybody jamming. They're all feeling it, and he loves it, and I love that.

  2. Drake on the fuckin bongos

  3. This song gives me goose bumps 😎

  4. Man, too trip live!…

  5. this song has seriously fucking changed me and i dont know why but im okay with it

  6. Y était pas que a l'eau les types

  7. All those acid faces. I can totally relate. God damn wish I was there…

  8. A friend of mine from New Hampshire got some of the bad acid at Wookstock. As irecall it was brown blotter and BAD. My friend was lucky to be with friends or he would have been in real trouble.

  9. Incrível como as pessoas do Brasil são lixos, produzem só lixos!
    Só tem comentário em espanhol ou inglês…
    Lastima 🇧🇷

  10. 1969 música de qualidade!
    2019 músicas lixo 🚮
    Tem brasileiro aqui não?
    Ah brasileiros não conhecem de boa música!

  11. I wanna cry when I think about the music produced today, and how this era is gone, one I never got to be a part of. Some of the most amazing people and artists came from these 25 odd some years .

  12. I saw a documental about vietnam, now i dont get how many youngs in the same time.of this concert was in battle. Midle time, the other youngs man was fucking high

  13. I still can't believe! That this still blows everyone AWAY!!!

  14. Santana and his snake guitar

  15. The soul has been sacrificed.

  16. que hace este tipo tocando canciones con mana en estos dias jajajjaa

  17. When music ruled the world

  18. Mozart has started to write music from the age of 6.

  19. Percuss and drummer my dearest loves to their unrivavled uninteruptwmted movement into the matrix frkm which they became the vessels for tgis event to occur and perserve the power in purity of a vibrational pulse

  20. Man 3:54 to 4:05 is powerful. The power of psychedelics….Wow.

  21. What a terrible shitty sounding music!

  22. How do 6K downvote this? HOW?

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