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Save Live Australia’s Music (S.L.A.M.) Rally

An estimated 20,000 live music supporters marched to Parliament House, Melbourne on Tuesday February 23rd, 2010. The rally was in opposition to liquor licensing laws that have impacted the operation of live music venues around the state. More photos at

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  1. Hello there! Just wanted to get in touch about using a very short piece of your footage in a Greens campaign video. Can't work out how to PM you – so leaving this message. My email address is– thanks! 

  2. Make a difference, I go to live and local gigs and I vote!

  3. I love this…. would love to see it every year as a reminder. So many local venues are closing their doors.

  4. look at those liberals who do they think their fooling when was the last time you saw a liberal at a gig

  5. A moment to consider the people who organized this whole thing….
    Well done Hannah and Tom from supplefox
    awesome job!

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