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Sha Vlimpse – Learn Today [Official Music Video]

Happy Birthday To Me I don’t really do anything for birthdays but I love making music so heres a music video to Learn Today Hope you enjoy.
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Produced by Josh Petruccio
Drone Shots: SB Visuals

10 Bands, 50 bands 100 bands, love it man
Let’s just not even discuss it man
OMG I just thank god that I’m beautiful
praying 5 times a day man that’s the usual
Fajar Zhujur Ashur then its Magrib
I pray asha when the sun leaves
Rapper slash teacher I was bound to push boundaries
When it’s story time all these little kids surround me
Woah Nelly you can tell that the Lord sent me
He looked me dead in the eyes told me that you’re ready
Understand that my words are bar heavy
If you can not handle that go listen to R kelly
Or nelly let go and talk about my past boy
Back then I was called Aladdin by my class boy
Always picked last boy Thrown in trash boy
Robbed for my Blastoise beat up by them black boys!
I got enemies got a lot of enemies
Good die young I out lived my life expectancy
People wishing death on me why you always stressing me
You call her Stephanie? I call her Headphanie
i think its time i pay homage
Im bout to make a profit not talking mohammed
Always been boxed in i feel like mohammed
Stuntin like my daddy you can call mohammed

Learn today Learn today yeah we gonna Learn today
Let me check my lesson plans yeah we gonna Learn today
You can check your Syllabus yeah we gonna Learn today
0 to 100 like i went ahead and curve your grades
The word I make I’m kinda like a hurricane
If your afraid i suggest you run away
You gunna pay I’m pretty sure you know my name
If you did not know well now you know learn today

If yall listen you can tell my alls given
I taught kids with Down Syndrome and Autism
The moneys coming you can tell cause my palms itching
I got a beautiful girl that looks like Sean Kingston
Took a few year, now I realize I’m handsome
Went to school where the cool kids brought in handgun
Couldn’t fit in with them because I never had one
Future past do this for my dad and my grandson
I do this cause I can son while this world is using us
If I can be really honestly all these rappers Gluteus
I eat them for their nutrients you can tell I’m studious
Brothers in a cell and i ain’t talking bout Nucleus
Aw man I’m chilling with my dogs now
Cause all of them escape from the dog pound
Cops singing “Who Let The Dogs Out”
Mama said no pussy cats inside my dog house!
I served them 30 minutes or less
The way I teach these kids they always ready for test
The way I grade their quiz they get answers correct
So even as a teacher I’m never given an F man
Yes man dead rappers in my left hand
Use them as pawn pieces in this game of chess man
delivery is way better than the ups man
Teaching at your high school but looking like freshman

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  1. It just takes 1 like to listen this track again and again….
    Plz man keep making these quality tracks again again thanks…..
    I am broke now this song just keeping my mood up
    Cz i learned today.

  2. I wish you get one million subs


  3. Never thought i could find a dayumn fucking lit rapper…Um gonna be in NY soon…Um gonna meet you bruh…keep going with that flow🔥

  4. Thats mah boss😍😍

  5. My 2 I'ds on ur channel to subscribe

  6. Brooo can i pleaseeeeee get the instrument please….broo please

    Can you give me the instrument!

  7. bruh that's fucking awesome ❤
    loved it😍❤

  8. oh my god you are bangladeshi kendric lamar

  9. Bro please please please… Its a great suggestion for you.. Please do not upload any other video on this channel except songs… You are gonna be realy hit… And make another vlogs channel and upload ur videod vlogs and updates there but keep this channel only for songs so we can find out your songs easily

  10. Just awesome 👌👌👌

  11. You deserve billions of views
    you achieved my heart.

  12. New Drake 💪💪🔥🔥🔥

  13. xossssss bro…
    can I use this song in myy channel??

  14. Thanks bro you are a gifted singer এগিয়ে যান!!!

  15. Go ahead bro!
    we are with you:-)

  16. ❤️❤️❤️😘

  17. Bro u are best👌✌😎

  18. how can I get this track…and I want to make a rap song..

  19. অনেক ভালো লাগে গান টা..💜💜

  20. awesome bro love it
    im from Bangladesh ✌

  21. your song is awesome bro

  22. yoo bro you r a gd rapper..

  23. I listen to this song when I workout. This song makes me keep on lifting. I am getting ripped because of this song.

  24. 500+ times I listened this music

  25. do more more music for us. i'm really crushed on your musics. good lyrics

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