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Shopping in Myeongdong to classical music 명동 쇼핑 클래식

It′s not unusual for stores to play classical music for their customers,… but what about a live orchestra performance?
As our Yim Yoonhee reports… one such event recently took place at one of Seoul′s busiest shopping centers. It′s known as Korea′s shopping mecca,… but Myeongdong is now also a stage for a romantic classical concert.
The music from dozens of instruments floated into the open air on Tuesday, stopping passerbys in the midst of their shopping excursions.
From the whimsical solo of a violinist to an effervescent xylophone spectacle,…. the Eurasian Philharmonic Orchestra gives these shoppers a new experience.
“By chance, it was my wedding anniversary, so I came out with my wife, child, and in-laws. Lucky for us, we were able to experience this classical music concert.”
“This is my first time. I think it′s a very good idea to promote this kind of music in society today. I feel very good, some energy in my body.”
“This is the first time I′m seeing something like this, and it′s really lifting my spirits.”
The members of the Eurasian Philharmonic have been sharing their music with audiences since 1998, led by world-renowned Korean conductor Gum Nan-se.
And though they′re usually on a formal stage, for the first time they′ve taken to the streets,… bringing a classical music experience to the general public.
“I want to give people what they want, and make them happy. I can do all of this in the streets,… and even give people a new cultural experience.”
Live classical music doesn′t have to be out-of-reach.
You might just find it around the corner, while out on a simple shopping errand.
Yim Yoon-hee, Arirang News.

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