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‘Slow Burn’: How Kacey Musgraves Turned Country Music Trippy | Diary of a Song

Kacey Musgraves took an acid trip and returned with the concept for “Slow Burn,” a song that set the tone for her genre-bending country album. Using FaceTime interviews, demos and doodles we show you how the track came together.

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Comments (35)

  1. I trust her creative judgement. She is perfect.

  2. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Id buy a book of her lyric doodles tbh

  4. It's cold outside again… same time as every year…
    What's the story this year?
    Someone may ask me…

  5. One of the best songs of her career in my opinion and a top track off of "Golden Hour."

  6. One of the best songs ever produced.

  7. I like the original Diary of a Song more. The graphics were better and it wasn't filmed over facetime.

  8. Yeah, definitely has an "old man" feel to it. She honestly could probably get into legal trouble with it, but I doubt Neil cares. I love this album though. Everyone who worked on it should be proud

  9. This series needs wayyyyyy more attention. It's amazing.

  10. Is this a famous song or something?

  11. I love this song, but I'd reallyyyy love to hear the asian influenced crazier version, I hope it gets released somehow. It's good as it is, but that just feels next level.

  12. Not even. Acid should stay to the rock or rap genre

  13. "I like anything that sounds Asian" says the soyboy.

  14. Ian is the shiz obviously. Love it

  15. My favorite song ❤️❤️❤️

  16. Damn, even casual at home, on Internet video, she's gorgeous.

  17. Sounds like a pretty standard country song to me

  18. Love her voice, very nice.

  19. Kacey Musgraves is a legend

  20. lol, maybe the bar she's talking about in the song is in Alaska? 🙂

  21. Who is she i love her haha

  22. Y’all need to listen to some real music. I hate it when people take one trip and think they know everything. Listen to some tame impala when tripping

  23. It was lsd

    Turns into chicken


  24. shes fine as hell but her music is mediocre at best and nothing really innovative… try father john misty, get the best of both worlds.

  25. Sounds like it was hell of a trip!

  26. Axe man Kacey should release the (actual trippy) version the producers were gonna go with, as a bonus track or something. Love this song, but a lusher, more exotic arrangement would push it further from country and lead to more 'alternative' crossover success.

  27. I'm a little dumber after watching this video.

  28. Thats not trippy at all. Try grimes

  29. I love her and her music 😍 Good Country Pop is such a guilty pleasure!

  30. I sure do miss Tanya Tucker's "San Antonio Stroll." Country muzak ain't what it used to be. And not necessarily for the better. ~●~

  31. I wish that i was on diairy of a song

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