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St. Vincent – New York – Later… with Jools Holland – BBC Two

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St. Vincent performs New York on Later… with Jools Holland, BBC Two (10 October 2017)

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  1. Thats some terrible mk ultra clothes, but love her anyway

  2. She looks like Jassie Ware, their music similar too… I like both of them…

  3. This piano version is my favorite


  5. Always good to see Jools getting involved.

  6. “But for you darling, I’d do it all again”

    Pretty much describes ‘being in love’ as you would do anything for that person because in your eyes they are perfect and when you are in love you only look at the perfections of that person. You see past the imperfections and are willing to go the extra mile for them, and honestly I think that’s a beautiful thing. But that’s only my opinion, would love to hear what others think 🙂

  7. WHAT THE HELL is she wearing. Jesus christ.

  8. Hate the self-censoring. To hell with anglo-puritanism

  9. this woman makes me weep like a baby

  10. Masseduction is my number 1 album of 2017

  11. is that DEAD POOL ? on the piano lol

  12. Is that Jools Holland in latex on the piano?

  13. but where is the 'mother'fucker….somewhere….anywhere….?

  14. Love this song…very strongly…

  15. I have a feeling that’s Thomas Bartlet in the piano, can anybody confirm this?

  16. That onesie wouldn't be comfy for chilling on the sofa with snacks , it would split your difference! ^_^

  17. I think 'other sucker' actually works better here than the version on the album ("mother f***er").
    I live the way she hits the word /friend/

  18. I imagine Tori Amos covering this song

  19. Beautiful performance did she play anymore songs usually they do 2-3 on this show right? Haven't seen it in ages though and YouTube only seems to upload one video from each band kind of thing

  20. I don't get all the gimmicks

  21. The Gimp from Pulp Fiction has come a long way since he escaped…

  22. It's been a long tought life experience of her during this heart and mind battle between love, fame and idols. So now you are not a young lady anymore but mostly the one who takes a real care of those, who still live on a battlefield. Thank u, dear

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