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Steve Hartman on kids and country music lyrics

Steve Hartman and his kids are hooked on country music thanks to Kix Brooks of Brooks and Dunn. The lyrics about hard-drinking and other real life issues have facilitated some hard, but useful conversations. Steve Hartman reports for “On the Road.”

Editor’s Note: There has been some concern about the safety of the boys while riding in the vehicle. The boys were both in properly installed child safety seats and the airbags were turned off. The truck does not have a backseat and it is not illegal under NY State law for children to ride in the front seat.

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  1. His younger kids eyes and eyelashes are so gourgous

  2. aww thoch kids al cuthe😘

  3. Wow. Huge wake up call y’all.

  4. Really cute kids(smrt too) funny

  5. What a shame, I hope that country singer gives it some thought!! The dad can also learn that you dont have to listen to this type of music, what is healthy about it?. Your kids are even questioning the rational behind a sick habit. Nothing wrong with instrumentals and classic!

  6. if they like the music, let them be themselves and let them listen to the music. this is america

  7. Kix looks like Bobby Darin when he had mustache

  8. Did anyone happen to notice where the kids were sitting (in car seats) in the car/truck?

  9. Get them into the western county or folk county. Where they tell you stories that you may know about

  10. Oh God has he listened to the music of mainstream rap and even pop? Much worse

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