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Stone Temple Pilots – Interstate Love Song (Official Music Video)

You’re watching the official music video for “Interstate Love Song” from Stone Temple Pilots’ album ‘Purple’ released on Atlantic Records in 1994. Listen to ‘Purple’ here

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Comments (23)

  1. Feelin. Like a ham and mustard shake.

  2. Once sang this song in a Karaoke contest against 9 other competitors. Some of them sang there hearts out. Needless to say I won with my mannerisms and voice. They awarded me 50 dollars and held the mic up to me and asked if there was anything I would like to say, after a few seconds pause I said almost in Mike Tysons Voice Im going to Disneyland! Afterwards I took my friends with the money to Wafflehouse. My friend scaredly asked if he could get chilli on his hashbrowns, I said mofo if you want it scattered chunked or dunked you get that shit! We ate like kings that night. Its 2019 and im still blasting this song in Terlingua and throughout west Texas.

  3. This video makes me smile because he actually looked genuinely happy here. 😙
    A legend in his own right
    OMG I love this song as I did when I first heard it way back when.

  4. 90's rock/alternative was one hell of a ride
    Que época.. Esa si era musica

  5. OMG I love this song as I did when I first heard it way back when.

  6. 90's rock/alternative was one hell of a ride
    25 years later, I'm still listening <3

  7. If the world really appreciated how deep his songs really are.

  8. 야 니들앨범 purple 이건 아궁이로 안들어 갔어 아직 가지고있어 근데 태입 재생할 플래어가 없네.. 90년 후반 테입프 멸종 -> LP 멸종 -> CD로 넘어가면서 재생할 게 멸종당했네

  9. Happy 25th Anniversary. #purple This song and this album helped me through many seasons of my life. 💜

  10. best song in 1994, even though that black nagger music was gaining popularity

  11. Does Canadian call it Inter-province Lovesong?

  12. I reckon this track perfectly sums up every relationship anyone has ever had. Especially the lies & failing to read between the lines. Shame such a great songwriter is no longer with us. Guess he's penning some great tracks up in the sky now. Peace be with you.

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  14. 25 years later, I'm still listening <3

  15. who are the 4K morons who gave this a thumbs down? get off the planet. you're already dead from the neck up.

  16. the .. whole…. truth……….

    including white's shaded to the right temperature, lightbulbs….

  17. It breaks my heart watching knowing they are gone 😢😢😢 🌹🌹🌹🌹 bless em
    One of the greatest rock tunes ever.
    One of the greatest rock tunes ever.

  18. Scott was just the COOLEST.

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