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Stone Temple Pilots – Plush (Official Music Video)

You’re watching the official music video for “Plush” from Stone Temple Pilots’ album ‘Core’ released on Atlantic Records in 1992. Listen to ‘Core’ here

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The Stone Temple Pilots channel is the band’s official YouTube home and there’s no better place to get lost in their expansive catalog. You will find all their official videos right here, encompassing everything from their classic 1992 debut album “Core,” to the rebirth experienced on their seventh studio album – 2018’s critically acclaimed and self-titled “Stone Temple Pilots,” the first project they completed with new lead singer Jeff Gutt. 2019 will find STP writing the next chapter in their storied career with a new album, so be sure to subscribe to keep up with all the latest updates.

Comments (49)

  1. 4k of haters are teenagers listening to the contemporary junk music…

  2. 📂C:


    Stone Temple Pilots
    └📁Bad Songs

    └⚠This folder is empty

  3. Scott Weiland you missed out the kids today would have loved you!

  4. Me and Scott share birthdays 🙂

  5. when grunge songs dont have their name in the song lyrics
    Me: visible confusion

  6. How are you gonna tour without scott?????

  7. my mom think this is by Pearl Jam lol

  8. probably the greatest song of all time, on my list. The Bridge is just masterful. it's two chords but they make perfect love together. the first time I got drunk too, was an orange vodka and when Plush came on, I really felt it. Thanks Scott!

  9. Put the volume on max, close your … and listen ! Please feel it ! I'm 46 !

  10. Rádio X – Theft Auto GTA SAN ANDREAS!

  11. "Stone Temple Plagarists" – Krist Novoselic of Nirvana

  12. Future’s Instagram brought me here.

  13. I love this thumbnail image of Eric. And it’s well deserved, too. As well as dean and robert are magnificent, Eric has always had a mysterious ability of groove and overall playing which MADE this band. Every ONE was crucial in STP.

  14. 59 and i love this song so much

  15. o vocalista se parece com o Francis,vilão do Super Choque.

  16. Damn! I heard this song for the first time yesterday. This is hot! I feel bad that I've been missing out on STP all these years!

  17. He was a beautiful man.

  18. Love this song in San Andreas.

  19. GTA Sa ? Guitar hero 3 ? ♥️ !

  20. My song! We miss you Scott. RIP

  21. I wonder about all the people born into this music, there's those that lived during it, too, as adolescents, teens., adults, etc.. But there's those whose first experience with music was RHCP, AIC, STP, and all these legends. And being born into that is just a goddamn compliment.

  22. This song brings it back to the early 90s like no other. A few bands will do the same but this song will always be timeless … Rest in peace Scott. 🔝🔥

  23. My favourite song by STP

  24. This song still bangs in 2019.

  25. This song hit home when I was having issue with my fiance' in '94. Dodge a bullet on that one and have a lovely wife.

  26. Se te extraña tanto Weiland!

  27. Scott descansa en paz, que gran voz!!!

  28. Radio X, the best radio of GTA San Andreas in my opinion.

  29. Good times in San Fierro! Thanks, Scott and STP 🙂

  30. Radio X GTA San Andreas :')

  31. Got time tomorrow for chipotle, chipotle, chipotle

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