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Strangers Judge Rhett & Link

This week, Stevie and the guys taste a questionable meatball, play a bubble wrap trivia game, and get judged by strangers on the internet… Let’s Talk About That! LTAT #021

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Comments (26)

  1. Stevie, you are correct. 69%

  2. Someone tell me why my mom hit me up randomly asking who Link was and if he was gay…

  3. Maybe I’m crazy, but didn’t Link talk about getting the shoes he’s wearing a few seasons ago?


  5. I always thought link looked like a Travis

  6. YES!! MAKE THE APP !!!!!!

  7. lol i'm that quirky gay best friend

  8. wait so they dont do the health drink anymore? wack.

  9. I thought he was related to garth from Wayne's world

  10. all these apps and software could be done by link the gay IT guy

  11. Who wouldn't want to be friends with those funny and fun guys! "Yeah! Right!

  12. So it's kind of like watching "Wayne's World" every time I watch the show! Lmao!!!

  13. I said that they both remind me of Wayne and Garth, Rhett is Wayne and Link is Garth. Lmao!

  14. links laughs at 20:44 sounded gay asf 😉

  15. Awww, it's such a treat to see more of Stevie! What an excellent video and content! <3 I died of laughter when Rhett guessed 'beaver' and the camera cuts to Stevie when he said it was something she liked. XD

  16. why did it look like link was about to cry lmao

  17. 11:25 i‘m laughing so hard😂the way link just slams the box out of rhetts hand😂😂

  18. rhett oh my god the beaver joke aksksgshskksks

  19. Stevie is hot shit i never knew


  21. They tested the layers of bubble wrap to fall from a 6 story building on mythbusters!

  22. I loved the segment of strangers judging them!!!! Do it again!

  23. 12:30 Stevie, in the great words of Ron White,
    "That's called profilin', and profilin's wrong."

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