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Sunbury Music Festival Australia 1975 – A behind the scenes view

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This small news piece from the Sunbury Music Festival Australia in 1975 featured Deep Purple and the Mark 3 line up. It turned out to be one of the wettest summer periods in recorded history, but the stories and legend have continued to grow. The festival ran from 1972-1975. It was early days for Australian rock music as you will see, but Melbourne Victoria is one of the great go to destinations for International bands.

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  1. Sunbury '75. Got there Fri night, great. Started pissing rain Sat morning, thats it, mud, mud, mud, pissed, stoned, hypothermia, Deep Purple were crap. All up, this 17 yr old boy had a good time???? (I think). Also they were only selling Courage beer there, no CUB. Kudos to Gudunski et all who put Sunbury on, but no prizes for ripping off the Aussie bands to pay for the highly overrated deep purple.

  2. Good grief…that looks like Peter Costello the political village idiot?

  3. It was staged too far from the then limits of the outskirts of the suburbs. Back in the mid 70's. This was like asking teenagers to travel on trains and walk where the Little Desert is today. Needed to be 15 kilometres closer in with some more facilities.

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