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Taylor Eigsti Riffs on Music, the Jazz Workshop

New York-based pianist Taylor Eigsti has taught with the Stanford Jazz Workshop since he was a teenager, growing up in Menlo Park. His band, Taylor Eigsti Group featuring Becca Stevens, is set to perform Saturday at Dinkelspiel Auditorium. Stanford News Service’s Jack Hubbard caught up with Eigsti at his piano.

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  1. I've heard a lot of piano salesmen take the "bunch of chords" approach Taylor talks about it the video. I did mean "salesMEN" – I have personally never met a piano saleswoman!

  2. Exactly what Bill Evans ached for in the music.

  3. Being a musician myself, this is the bomb.

  4. Hmm sounded like drop 2 and/or 3 voicings on that 'melody' thing. Very nice harmonies at any rate.

  5. So young, So talented, So Handsome. MMMMMMMM, What a catch!

  6. this is a serious kat!!! im so impressed!! thanks Taylor!!!

  7. where can i donwload the piano player module into my brain?

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