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Technology in Education

Paul Hamilton presents ‘Technology in Education’, a creative and artistic look at the challenges edtech faces.

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  1. You are saying the true

  2. Hi Mr. Hamilton, may I ask, if what software did you use to make this video? Your videos are great and informative. Thanks in advance. 😀

  3. informative, engaging video

  4. technology is the key,my problem is iam staying at rural area we the is a problem of nertworking

  5. Thumbs up to this! In my opinion, i think it all depends on how teachers integrate tech in class. I truly believe that ed tech's potential is well-maximized when teachers are able to see what they could do more effectively (and not teach more) with technology, and when teachers are able to use technology and creativity in building an environment that motivates learners to be engaged and social. I really hope that our university will advocate higher standards or better guidelines for teaching with technology.

  6. I really like this video

  7. What questions should we be asking to make visible the change knowledge required? Divergent thinking and awareness of the importance for diversity in thinking. The world beyond them? You made me think. Thanks Paul.

  8. Fantastic video, keep up the great work!

  9. I like this which video editor/movie maker was used?

  10. nice video sir ..
    this is really a great challenge esp. to the 21st century teachers that they should guide their students in a way that they should not abused the lots of uses, technology has to offer.
    i like the scissor thing but if materials can be bought on stores, and the child is not interested on it then it will be useless. Learning depends on the motivation of a child to learn, his eagerness to learn. teachers play a important role in imparting knowledge and they can never be replaced by any technologies.
    -just an opinion .. cuddles 🙂

  11. This video discusses the integration of technology into the education that we provide to our students.  It brings the focus on the benefits of what it will bring to the skills of the students.  It relates the technology boom to other supplies we may use to supplement the classroom.  It is very important to realize that this is an area that often is overlooked as an expensive route.
    This video asks some pertinent questions that we must consider such as the work atmosphere when they are finished with school as one.  We need to make sure that the students are equipped with the knowledge of different methods or skills that are being demanded.  Technology addresses these since we are continuously dependent on them along with the collaboration that they bring.  Two key words used are creativity and divergent.  I feel that these speak to what we bring to the forefront when education and technology work together. 

  12. hello, sir. this video is helpful for our project.. credits to you, sir. 🙂

  13. We at TEDxGatewayArch love your video! Check out our channel at

  14. In order for students to be successful they need to be able to collaborate and communicate? Wrong. They need to be able to think on their own and to construct their own problem solving techniques with and without technology. Technology should not be integrated into classrooms until 8th grade, after students have developed thinking and problem solving abilities.

  15. May I use this video for a school project on digital citizenship?

  16. Nicely presented video. Good job!

  17. great insight for equipping the right tools to students

  18. Hi, what is the name of the background song you have used?

  19. It's good, but I'd hate to say, that last "question" isn't a question.
    "I think it's time we ask the important questions?"

  20. Thought provoking and impressive. Great stuff!

  21. do u can make tutorial, about make this video?

  22. Thanks for all the positive comments everyone!

  23. Over 15000 views. Thanks everyone.

  24. i love this video it is so inspiring

  25. Yes It Does….


  26. Love this great way of using technology to make us think, thanks

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