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The German Language

This video is a language profile on the German language, one of Europe`s most important and influential languages.

This video contains an image (1:02) courtesy of Humboldt Institut, who offer intensive German courses in Germany and Austria.

Special thanks to Alexander Picard for his German audio recordings and Sebastian Stauber for his assistance.

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Special thanks to: Nicholas Shelokov, 谷雨 穆, Anders Westlund, and Kaan Ergen for their generous Patreon support.

Special thanks to Alexander Picard for his German audio recordings and Sebastian Stauber for his assistance.


Intro music: “Frequency” by Silent Partner.

Main music:

George Street Shuffle Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Outro music: “Circular” by Gunnar Olsen.

Comments (30)

  1. Standard german is not just hochdeutsch but hoch-mittel-platt-Deutsch

  2. I don t like nazi language

  3. Your videos are fantastic. For someone like myself who is interested in language as a whole and it's history and evolution though region and time, these are a real treat. Thank you.

  4. That not unique but it is very special: current efforts to de-gender the German language render it an inpenetrable block of nonsense to both foreigners and natives alike. The institutional power of the intersectional advocates is frightening. Their own rules mutually contradict another, neither do they make any sense with the rest of the language and yet they can push their nonsense through.

  5. Schornsteinfegerbürstenabwaschpaste =
    A paste to clean the chimney sweepers brush.
    Love it!❤️

  6. German is a very good scientific language, because it's so straight forward

  7. And you left out the way that adjectives can be strong, weak, or mixed, depending on the associated article (or lack thereof).

  8. Biggest fail Intro ever xD "Deutsch? No… I dont speak dutch" low IQ

  9. I am from Braunschweig, the rival and neighbouring city of Hanover so I speak pretty much standart German with only very few words from the old eastphalian dialect.
    Somehow this led me to despise most dialects, especially southern ones like bavarian and swabian.

  10. Paul. Sp is pronounced like Sh (in english) followed by a p. same for st. but only at the beginning of a word.
    e.g Stehen (pronounced: schtehen. sch= sh (in english) )
    the guy in the video said “das” = “the” but you wrote “dieses” = this.

    “oft” and “häufig” are synonyms.

  11. Belgium? You mean East France and South Netherlands?

  12. Would love it if you did a separate video on the Low German/Low Saxon language!

  13. honestly where i live there are so many different dialects, i don’t understand old ppl living 20 km away because the dialect is so significantly different. We also have quite some french influences since saarland borders france and also was part of it for some time.

    i also noticed something funny, when i started to speak in a dialect to a friend, another friend (who isn’t from saarland) asked me if i was trying to speak english with a german accent xD the sentence i said was “The house is green” which in standard german means “Das Haus ist grün”
    now in the dialect it sounds like “de house is green” and that’s not the only example where my dialect sounds like bad english xD

  14. vielen dank !:schnell und erklärung !

  15. in my dialect (Tiroler Unterland) heil is a common greeting, but in other german speaking areas heil is a nazi word 😂

  16. Deutsch ist sehr schwerieg!!!!!!!!

  17. I don't know much german, but the words that i do know i basically learnt from Rammstein :')

  18. You should jump in the Frysian language. Very simmular to English (in the basic).
    Later after 1000 bc a lot of words in english came from the normanic influenes. Basic word still are basic old english.

  19. Dutch an Deutch means from the (volk)folk.

  20. Learning German is actualy very easy for the Dutch (Netherlands).
    Still there are still dialects. Swiss german and Austria dialects though are difficult.

  21. Sorry Afrikaner is 'old' dutch. Wrong to call that German.
    I' m dutch and visited South-Afrika, believe me.

  22. Ich bin Deutsche, aus Düsseldorf, kann aber die Leute in Stuttgard total nich verstehen.

  23. In German we don't say "Do you want to marry me?", we say "Es hat ja auch steuerliche Vorteile, wenn man Kinder hat, macht ja so manches einfacher." and I think that's beautiful.

  24. Something unique about German in general is the ability to create a word chain (Wortkette).
    You can string a ridiculous amount of words together to a single one that actually makes sense.
    It also works with verbs (when they're used as nouns) and adjectives to some degree.

    (the fake leather key chain to the captain's cabin of a Danube steam boat)

    Verb used as noun:
    das Gletschereisschmelzwassersammelbehälterabpumpen
    (pumping off the glacier meltwater collecting container)

    "Dieses Problem ist sehr öffentlichkeitsarbeitsablauforganisationsspezifisch."
    ("This problem is very specific to organizing the public duty schedule.")

    Supercalifragilistic… you get the idea. XD

  25. Die meisten haben noch nicht begriffen, dass Dutch nicht Deutsch ist.   lol

  26. deutsch/german is in namibia too, but one time on roblox i said "jemand deutsch" which means someone german? but a girl said no sorry i dont speak dutch but i said no dutch i said deutsch and she said "yes no dutch"

  27. Wish there was more… maybe a part 2…? 👍🏻

  28. Thank you so much for your channel, Paul. I really love it. As a native german speaker I‘ve got one question about our „ch“ sound, as in the word „Loch“ (which is identically spoken as the scottish word as in Loch Ness). This sound is mainly used in the german dialects of the middle and the south, areas, where until Romes decay celtic people settled. Because we find that sound in celtic language as well, but not in roman or north-germanic: could we say this is a celtic heritage in german language? And is there any relation to farsi, arabic or hebrew, where „ch“ is also common?
    Hope to hear from you, Christoph.

  29. Ja, die deutsche Sprache:
    Von Robert Oppenheimer, dem Vater der Atombombe, wird eine lustige Story berichtet. Während seines Deutschlandbesuches wollte ier rasch ein chemisches Experiment durchführen. Er sei deshalb in eine Apotheke gegangen und habe eine Verkäuferin gebeten: „Fräulein, haben Sie mal eine Wiege, ich möchte etwas wagen?“

  30. Hallo
    Ich leibe deutchland so much
    I want native. Speaker to studiere meine deutch
    And I help him in learning Arabic
    Forgive me for mixed speech 😂😂

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