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BEHOLD, THE WORLD’S FIRST GIANT ROBOT DUEL, BETWEEN MEGABOTS, INC (USA) AND SUIDOBASHI HEAVY INDUSTRY (JAPAN)! Science fiction fantasies become reality as gigantic robots, piloted by their creators, go head-to-head in this historic battle!

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Comments (38)

  1. Destrozo yo más con una buena grifa….!!!!! 😂 😂 😂 😂

  2. This was terrible. Editing crew used bad camera angles switching at bad time. The commentary was annoying, and over-hyped, and sounded very scripted. Cool idea, and cool engineering with the bots, but everything else was a big fail.

  3. Iron glory sucks…they didn't even fire the left arm..and they must've known they'd tip over..they should've filled the cockpit full of packing peanuts

  4. I really hope a couple billionaires decide to fund invest in would really push it to the next level. This has huge potential

  5. See I was worried for a sec that they might accidentally saw into the cockpit.

  6. 絶対次は勝てる機体を作れるはずだ。

  7. Ngl, the girl started to freak out, and i thought it was because the chainsaw was GOING STRAIGHT AT THE COCKPIT and couldve killed the guy

  8. NEXT UP…. Dueling Forklifts.

  9. So this was real steal's robot g1 looks like ?

  10. That purple haired bitch was pretty sexy. Shit personality probably.

  11. Oooooow! This is the birth of the real Armoered Core, Mech Assault, Robot Jocks etc. Every sci-fi fans dream come true!

  12. Im an American through and through and Im ashamed of what they did in the fight they didnt make it fair come on of course they're gonna knock you down. You're taller make the wheels rotate and move them to the side to brace for impact. The Japanese were way smarter in that regard. Either way…to be honest though its going to be at least 20 years before these things are even remotely entertaining.

  13. This is the gayest thing ive ever seen.

  14. This shit wasn't corny at all!

  15. Imagine if japan brought a 12 ton robot too. That eagle bot would have 0 chances

  16. I think maybe not fair for the the Japanese guys…. why America can use other Robot to fight.

  17. I love the American way to see the life :
    "Bigger is better … Take that motherfucker" 😂
    Respect from France.

  18. Just a few more generations people and we will have more awesome mech fights.

  19. The enemy the desert worms are gana die

  20. Two American robots with chainsaws and cannons, that both weight way more than the Japanese robot…

  21. Well obviously America is going to win they put a real dangerous weapon on theirs

  22. I can really say it now…we may have pacific rim robots in the future

  23. You know it is going to be lame right when you realize the humans will be in the robots. All that rocket launcher and machine gun talk goes right down the drain. How cool would it have been if they were unmanned so they could actually shoot each other???

  24. Last battle looked pretty staged.

  25. They should be remote controlled so there can be maximum damage without people possibly dying. Why would they be inside the robot..


  27. 20:50 This is how robot toys looked like in my head.

  28. This was kinda boring, considering this was a giant robot battle

  29. We need to remember that these are the first. Despite that they were still awesome. Its not full on realsteel but you have to take the first step to walk in the right direction. Im just happy people decided to take that first step.

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