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The Illuminati & Hip-Hop: A Conversation With Prodigy

Hip-hop has a long-standing fascination with the Illuminati. The secret society, which was founded in the late 1700s, has been referenced on tracks from Jay Z, Kanye West, Rick Ross, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and even pop artists like Madonna and Beyoncé over the years.

However, it was Mobb Deep’s Prodigy who originally started music’s Illuminati craze with his line on on LL Cool J’s 1995 “I Shot Ya (Remix).”

Genius reached out to learn more, so Prodigy invited us to the Illuminati Ball House at a secret estate one hour outside of New York City.

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Comments (36)

  1. God asked you to read.mind dont lie.dont believed what you saw,eyes can make lies..

  2. and somehow he managed to choke on a whole EGG! while in the hospital under supervision of Dr’s and nurses.

  3. Alhamdulillah, I've been blessed with Islam!

  4. If all this was true as people says, I believe the illuminate want the world to know. But if it’s not true, I also believe they automatically brainwashing people on the internet. They smarter than you fools.

  5. Egyptians are not black lol

  6. Freemanson= illuminati , are they pedophile cult like the church pedopriest ..?

  7. Freemanson + hiphop members= 30 degrees handgrip they used ! Each degrees got different handgesture !

  8. After this interview he choked on an egg…. Coincidence? I think not.

  9. Nation of Islam is a racist cult.

  10. Jesus is the only way to the father and is the son of God.

  11. Of course there is one power and that power belong to allah (the one god)

  12. RIP PRODIGY and NIPSEY ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. Nipseys death brought up old thoughts on prodigys death. Supposively he died for health reasons but he did speak too much on what they don't want us to know the past couple years like many celeb rappers are finally stepping forward to expose the sick twisted evil involved

  14. What is the Illumanati, the Elites?

  15. Wasn’t Prodigy filming a documentary? I can’t find any information about it anywhere on the web but I swear to god he was. There was even an ad I came across recently about how it was still coming out but I can’t find shit? Very similar to what just happened to Nipsey if you ask me, he was filming a documentary about Dr. Sebi & how he actually had a cure for aids.. RIP to two legends who spoke the truth 🖤

  16. And now Nipsey. As a white man, I stand together with my black brothers who are real people. We’re all in this together, don’t let them divide and conquer.

  17. gangsta rappers wouldn’t sell out to join the illuminati ,i think they would fight back against them…that’s what i would do.

  18. Sounds like he was member

  19. Okay, but how do you tap into this energy? Shit, can I ask for money and it'll give me it? I'm just trying to survive , maybe put some ice on my wrists and neck.

  20. This is chess is he Illuminati? Or did the government (cia) say the about all are rich black people so that they can keep the rich black people separated from the poor and middle income black people?

    Who started the rumors that call are rich black people Illuminati? Are the people that call blacks with money Illuminati are they getting paid to call jay z Illuminati?

    I heard from people that being around Jayz and people that met Jay the he is a very generous man and that he supports black business and he show so much love to black people. He just don't brag about it. Only a lame brag About doing a good deed. A real nigga like myself I look out for you and never mention, got get your shine on fam!

    Plus if Illuminati a top secret how come we got motha fuckas that cant read and write talking about Illuminati. If I had top secret shit going on there ain't going to be no million plus people knowing bout my secret.

    If we look in history they always get us to beef with each other

    How can the green team fight a war with the pink team if the green team fighting each other. When malcolm x was beefing with Elijah Muhammad and dissing MLK the feds was able to slip in and kill malcolm x and make it look like black people killed him.

    Without are black millionaires and billionaires how can we stop these millionaires white people from buying are neighborhoods and kicking us out. Knocking down the house we grew up in. How can we start businesses in are goods and make good money without are millionaires and billionaires?

  21. Suck iluminati i vary hate u u just in media but u its suck about reality fuck u so much from haters

  22. Jay Z and Beyonce is part of this evil group. Prodigy warned us, and they killed him for it.

  23. 1.3k people who disliked this video dream of spending time with Birdman in Sauna.

  24. So the illumanti kill them so men in black and white suits come find them and kill them so who kills them how they kill them?

  25. JESUS CHRIST is The Most High God.

  26. America is run by Corporations whom is represented by the senate who pulls the dictatorial vote when needed. I live in Denmark, that shit is so obvious, from the outside looking in perspective.

  27. Fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. XXXtentacion, 2pac, Bob Marley and list goes on and on they tried to inform us on how to live and not be manipulated by the illuminati and brainwashed and what happen they killed them all . Stay strong, Stay woke, Smoke a joint and meditate.

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