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the Late Denver news anchor Peter Rogot

With his deep resonant voice and handsome jewish features Peter Rogot was quite popular at a very young age. His untimely death in early ’91 surprized everyone in the mile high city.

Notice his banter about filling 30 seconds that is heard over the outro music.

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  1. Sadly today, Ms. Walsh from Channel 4 neglected to mention Rogot who died from Sarcoidosis in 1991. She was reporting a story on a Denver Bronco lineman whose mother suffers from Sarcoid. How soon we forget.

  2. Peter was a college buddy at Wisconsin-Madison and taught me a lot about journalism and friendship.

  3. Cleverbot called me "Mr. Rogot" and "Peter" over and over during a conversation, so I looked the name up. I wish I was this guy… :

  4. I've only lived in Denver for 19 years so I don't remember Peter. I just can't believe Kathy Walsh is still at channel 4!

  5. I remember him. We loved watching him and i know this is bad but I used to joke with my husband that Peter was gonna collapse one day since he worked so hard.That man was a dynamo. He died when he collapsed at work from a rare heart condition. BTW, he was just starting at ESPN Sports Center job. Don't think he ever made it to the air one time for them. sad RIP Peter, one of the greats that died before his time.

  6. Very talented interviewer. Had been the anchor for the Breckenridge Freestyle World Cup events for three years. Had a great knowledge of electronic music. Was very fast on his feet and think quickly for live broadcasts. His tragic death still hurts. He is missed.

  7. didn't Peter Rogot do sports at KCNC as well as news anchor?

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