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The New Orleans Style of Jazz Part 1 – 1914 to 1935

A presentation to Epsom & Ewell University of the Third Age (U3A) explaining the origins of the style of jazz made popular in the UK where it is known as New Orleans Jazz. There are numerous UK bands still playing in this style for listeners and dancers, and many quote Ken Colyer, who brought this style back to the UK in 1953 after his visit ti the Crescent City. Part 2 will show the jazz and musucians Ken Colyer found and played with in New Orleans.

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  1. Check out Tuba Skinny. They are the best in the world today.

  2. maravilloso; un transporte a los años "explosivos" me encanta

  3. Just great to get to hear all the old Jazz …Thank you for sharing

  4. Quelques pépites à conserver

  5. I don't know why but I just LOVE old New Orleans style Jazz

  6. Jack lane looks like Steve Carrel

  7. search for Maddy Reidy and her jazz friends. Saw the last fall and bought one of her discs. Great voice and sound.

  8. Thank you. Recently visited NO and this brought back so many fun memories, So much talent there.

  9. Thank you! I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful jazz.

  10. Fantastic informative and oh, so enjoyable, thank you.

  11. Anyone able to tell me the name of the opening track? And perhaps the one right after?

  12. … Sans oublier Louis Armstrong, bien sûr!!!

  13. Dés qu'on passe à un orchestre noir ça sonne beaucoup mieux qu'un orchestre blanc, J. Dodds, Cl. Williams, Kid Ory, King Oliver, les meilleurs!!!

  14. We sure should recognize the debt we owe to the Afro-Americans who started all this.

  15. Stop fighting and enjoy the music.

  16. Je to nejlepší hudba, která mluví o lidech!!!!!!

  17. Interesting to hear all the other "jazz" bands recorded after the million-selling Livery Stable Blues.  As the man says here, the others were nearly all terrible.   What I deduce from the Fate Marable is that bands had the rhythm but the "jazz" was played in front of it by individual musicians.  The interplay of trumpet/clarient/trombone was invented by the ODJB, as Louis Armstrong himself acknowledged.  

  18. We're very fotunate to have all this great music available on Youtube…..THANKS, Mike.

  19. C'est en appréciant les origines du Jazz que l'on peut apporter modestement ses propres interprétations des titres cultes…

  20. Can anyone suggest some bands/songs for New Orleans style jazz? I reallllllyyyyy like this style of music but am clueless about it :/

  21. Please ignore all the fictitious stories of alleged "New Orleans Jazz".  The originators of a new style of playing tunes (called "Jass") was a group of five musicians calling themselves The Original Dixieland Jass Band" (ODJB).  They recorded in January of 1917: not immediately released.  Their February recording date for the Victor Talking Machine Company introduced the world to a new style of playing syncopated music.  They originated Jazz, a polyphonically improvised style of syncopating music.  Nothing mystical, nothing to do with Africa, nothing to do with plantations, or brothels or with slavery.   If you would like to hear the origin of the 8-to-the-bar piano style introduced around 1928 just listen to the ODJB 1918 recording of "Bluin` The Blues" to recognise Boogie Woogie`s irrefutable origin.  In the following decade of the 1920s other bands imitated as well as introducing other styles of playing music.  Published "Histories of Jazz" are shameful travesties of truth.  New Orleans` Chamber of Commerce will beg to differ, well, they would, wouldn`t they?

  22. List with all the songs here would be a whole lot nice then this shittie description… Just put the playlist with all the songs u used…

  23. fineua boricua con sus raices en new orleans …..Dr. Chu

  24. Is Keith David the narrator?

  25. its even narrated by the guy from princess and the frog!

  26. It's true, but maybe, Nick La Rocca recorded for the first time.

  27. Cost of a gallon of gas while doing tour on bus: $1.53.

  28. Wonderful video post !
    Thank you for sharing.

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