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The New Rules Of The Music Industry –

If you’re an artist or band trying to get your music out to the world (or even make a living) then you need to play by the new rules.

Gone are the old days of the music industry where you would hope to get signed and then become a star (i.e. everything would be done for you).

Today you need to view yourself (and your music) through the lens of three very important truths. I call them the new rules of the music industry, and those who play by them will succeed.

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  1. Great tips. I've been working on music in my room for the last 1.5 years and I'm finally getting to the point where I have the courage to get myself out there. I've had perfectionism hold me back my entire life, but no more. Time to start pumping out the content. Thanks for the solid advice. I'm ready to get it!

    P.S. This is my first YT comment EVER. Just thought you should know 🙂

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  3. Good words..everything you said was right on point. Makes a lot of sense

  4. i get stuck with content because i feel like im get juged

  5. Honestly, i feel my audience deserves masterpieces but i can not argue about the points you have made about just getting it out there. i struggle my self because i have so many projects started and not finished. i always tell my self, "well all i need is this, or that." but in reality i should just put it out there. I have been told of this tip before. you sir, have only backed up the argument thoroughly.

  6. Thanks so much for making vids like these man!

  7. Good music comes before good branding imo!

  8. Yeah nah it needs to be perfect…

  9. You must be in the tribe.

  10. the hardest rule for me is just getting stuff out there. my point of diminishing returns may be different. but ultimately, I think youre right. But here's my 2 cents: put stuff out, but be wise about holding back really good stuff. Because once you release it, you lose a lot of control over it. That might not be bad, but in some situations, it might be very bad.

  11. I struggle with it not being perfect. I notice the wrong notes, the bad lyrics, the out of tune guitar, the too swampy reverb, the noisy mic and that all points to sloppiness to me. And somehow these people still get paid. I think there is a balance between that and perfectionism. I'm working on it.

  12. itd very discouraging because it takes all i have to be the artist/writer/performer…now i have to brand/content basically do all the work…how in the helll will find the time???

  13. your amazing this is incredible. free advice. God bless you. this stuff will change me and my families life

  14. Most of the artists want to be the opposite of a businessman, and as an artist you don't want to be viewed as a "brand", right? You need to not look at marketing your own "product" that way. Overcome the bad taste in your mouth getting your stuff out there and marketing it. It is actually a good thing nobody is going to do it for you. Now every artist has control over every aspect of his project. You just need time and effort. Totally agree with publishing music that is not perfect. A good song badly recorded is still a good song, a bad song perfectly recorded is still a bad song.

  15. The last rule freak me out. 😬
    I like being a perfectionist when it comes to writing and recording but I do get how spending too much time on something can diminish the momentum… but in some aspects I don’t care about maintaining to bigger appeal in this phase of my bands growth.. more so providing something worthy for the folks who are really in my music and journey.. but perhaps about this album I’ll jump more in to providing fragments and unfinished works (: great video

  16. Great Video! I definitely need to create more than I consume lol and I consume ALOT

  17. All these rules are great to incorporate.

  18. The embracement of imperfection idea sounds ridiculous

  19. Hey Graham-thanks for posting this. I TOTALLY struggle with the whole "gotta be PERFECT", thing. I'm really thankful to hear someone espousing "not perfect" can be OK. Just get it out there!! Thanks again! Chris

  20. Whoever disliked this doesnt have a life.

  21. the age of boredom… that is the point, a quite sad one.  Makes me remember a Rolling Stones' lyric written in the '60 ("Mothers' Little helper"): "the pursuit of happiness just seems a bore". The are "No expectatios" now. No one is waiting for the song, nobody is waiting. just consuming with endless hunger whatever it is, they can't even wait till it's finished.

  22. Very insightful. Its great that with your experience, you are trying to make us brave and feel good about our creations good or bad. Appreciate your intention. But there is a big difference between you and the guy like me. You have big fan base and well known to the industry and community. If you rush and create imperfect content, that may become a new style, trend and much more. As a newbie if I do that I will be lost, no one will look back at me. However, this gives me little bit of hope, I will try to stay positive, learn new techniques, learn from the past and focusing on the next track to do better. Thanks

  23. As a brand, you don't get to decide what your brand is. The people decide what your brand is. Note that I didn't say that people decide what you want them to decide it is. You already are a brand. It's the simplicity that confuses people. Make a logo, a website, (A facebook page is not a web presence) and make what you make and then share it. The brand of you, is you. That simple. And perfection doesn't exist. Every creator out there knows what I mean when I say that anything you've made, you hated at some point, even when you loved it initially.

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