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The Rise of Vietnamese Hip-hop

In Vietnam, over a few short decades, hip hop pioneers like Vietmax, Wowy, Ha Le, and Suby One have taken the scene from a niche interest to a driving cultural force.

We meet these four in the studio of B-Boy/visual artist Vietmax to talk about the challenges they’ve faced, the community they’ve built, and the inspiration they’ve taken from each other along the way.

Theirs is a community that has strengthened their craft, broken down barriers, and created a form of hip hop which is positive, inclusive, and distinctly Vietnamese.

#Changbeer #ChangUrbanPulse

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Comments (28)

  1. can i get links for the background music in this video please?

  2. subs nya bahasa indo dong, vice indonesia kan ini?

  3. Đeos mấy thằng bắc toàn đi đem văn hoá mỹ đen về dịch thành tiếng việt chứ đéo có sáng tạo. Coi tụi bay tao coi tụi đen nó hay hơn.

    Mày mà nói như vn chia ra than từng nhóm rối phát triển thì mày phải lôi mấy anh đầu tiên ra như phong đạt tiến đạt đưa Hiphop về nhưng biếng chuyển để vietnam thấy nó cool..
    ngày xưa tao nghe Phong lê, tí nhỏ, LK, cá chép đời 2003, thấy nó mới nó phù hợp ko tục ko dơ mà nó mới mẻ. Không may măn sao thế hệ hiphop vietnam đầu đời phải lấy vợ sinh con nên ko thể loi choi sáng tạo tiêp.

    giờ tụi bày bắc có internet bày đặc theo đen y hệt làm nó dơ như cức mà còn đéo có sáng tao.. con cặc .. tao coi sơn tùng hay hơn

  4. I’m 1/4 Vietnamese and 3/4 French. Big up vietnam🇻🇳🇻🇳🔥🔥❤️

  5. Whoever decided to shoot an interview with long focal but still handheld deserve to be fired. Find yourself a new cameraman Vice Indo…

  6. What was the song in the beginning?

  7. if you're black and you walk into one of their "hip-hop" events they would all stare at you like you're about to steal something

  8. Hello earthlings
    I'm 80 DEKA

  9. Inspired by French hip hop? Lol.

  10. aaaaah the whole thing was a beer commercial. now it makes sense 9:30

    Thank you VICE for this one ❤️

  12. Culture jacking is worldwide

  13. where is that intro beat from? its fire

  14. The rice of vietnamese hip hop

  15. just do your own thing rap is dying as is in the US

  16. Gtfoh, every culture hates the melinated indigenous man but wants to emulate his culture an lifestyle , the life thieves of the world the mongol, Japheth of the Bible , first invaders of melinated indigenous North America circa 1200 ghangis khan muthafuckas , I’m including all mongol groups in this articulation Chinese especially, the supreme skin whiteners , how despise an teach against the melinated people of the world, no idiot African nation should be doing deals with this soul-less beast , this is disrespectful by Vice as you don’t have any validation in hip hop , u just started a few years ago , as culture vultures who capitalize off others culture aka savage , only the energy of the descendants of the beast man and gog an magog,

  17. could you please help me out by listening to Lost Paige by Mikey Mic. All I ask for is one listen, just hear me out first. If you have time I'd greatly appreciate to hear what you think of the song

  18. Where are these hip hop spots/clubs in saigon

  19. rap has gone from a culture to a religion. this is going to be the way that will bring the world together. Not saying it's a good thing, but nonetheless.

  20. Guess nowadays in global Internet world any country can have variety of crews of different influences. I'm a big supporter of the culture, but Im also deep in my own culture and how we were raised n set own way of repping the streets up here. I know n rather stay in my own lane n rep it, even tho fan of many other cultures ways. Props to hiphop reaching everywhere tho.

  21. Hiphop scene is still very new in vietnam but im very glad its growing n rising

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