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The Star Wars Suite – The Danish National Symphony Orchestra (Live)

On June 2017, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) hosted three orchestral concerts called Galaxymphony which included some of the soundtrack from various space and sci-fi movies. This is their version of some of the Star Wars soundtrack across all seven movies.

The concert was hosted by Jakob Stegelmann and conducted by Antony Hermus. The performance was orchestrated by The Danish National Symphony Orchestra with help from the ‘Camerata’ and ‘Hymnia’ choirs. As told in the video, the host, Jakob Stegelmann, is very passionate about the Star Wars films and therefore evidently the main event of the concert. Therefore, I have shared this extra long video (what a horror it was to render) for you to enjoy.

[00:00] – Introduction by host Jakob Stegelmann
[05:10] – Star Wars Main Title Theme
[10:57] – Anakin’s Theme and Love Theme
[16:39] – Duel of the Fates
[21:21] – Luke and Leia
[27:40] – Imperial March
[31:22] – Yoda’s Theme
[35:49] – Finale and Throne Room
[45:08] – Tribute to Carrie Fisher by host Jakob Stegelmann
[46:10] – Princess Leia’s Theme
[52:25] – End Monologue by host Jakob Stegelmann
[53:06] – Encore: Cantina Band


Sorry for the crackling sounds, something must’ve happened rendering it.

The original soundtrack of Star Wars was scored by John Williams.

No copyright intended. All rights go to the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (Danmarks Radio).

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  1. Hard to hear the music without actual Star Wars Scenes. Amazing though 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  2. I clicked because I thought I saw the AVGN playing piccolo in the thumbnail.

  3. If he’s right, then we also have 2 death days… the day you actually die, and the day you saw Episode VII: the force awakens

  4. FANTASTIC ♥ impossible not to thrill

  5. I find danish a very interesting language.

  6. Sadly, the last few Star Wars movies I've watched, I felt the music was the best part of them. Not so thrilled with the plot, etc. The music, on the other hand, never fails to satistfy.

  7. In the future, when they look back at symphony music in the 1900's and 2000's, John Williams will be will be at the top in regards to keeping the genre relevant. It may not be as groundbreaking as Mozart, but if I had a choice to listen to Williams or Mozart, I choose Williams. This music makes me want to conquer the universe.

  8. Sem duvidas um show incrível..

  9. 5:38 Geez man this is just star wars, not swing or jazz. And its not a fast tempo either. Are you just excited your wife is in the crowd and your showing off?

  10. I think without THIS muice star wars wouldn't have affected so many people the way it did…🌷we humans are unique " it's a shame we just can't get along..☘☘☘

  11. oh my god the basebone at 6:47

  12. The host is awesome. Such a sheer emotion and enthusiasm. Nice job guys.

  13. Absolut genial, was die Dänen da abspielen………..Gänsehaut………..

  14. Wonderful stuff, but I was in fits at the beginning – the host who introduces the orchestra etc. before they play, he sounds as though he is a slightly inebriated Glasweigan attempting to speak Danish! Hahaha, quality!

  15. Wow~! This is  w~o~n~derful !!!  as original studio version

  16. Что Гарик Мартиросян делает на превьюхе?

  17. Lovely to see this vid has 6.5 million views. There is hope for humanity after all.

  18. "Put away the nerd-critique and listen to the music." Perfect advice. <3

  19. Star Wars died with darth vader. Period.

  20. The excitement when the cantina band song plays is unreal.

  21. Somebody get that conductor a handkerchief!

  22. Why the hell I cry always I hear the Duel of the Fates?

  23. I want 27:40 to become our national anthem.

  24. Soberbio…maravilloso…mil aplausos

  25. EL soundtrack original suena exactamente igual….¡bien podrían doblar el video y nadie se daría cuenta1

  26. there is something just so magical about hearing an orchestra play this live. Love their passion for music and how they just go for it putting their hearts and souls into it, the way music should always be played. Gave me literal chills and goose bumps all the way through

  27. Is it me or is there a weird clicking noise that playing, listening to this on my dt990 and the clicking is annoying as hell

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